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Get Organic Traffic to Your Website: 7 Advance Ways Increase Webtraffic [ Updated 2018 ]

"Traffic the the Life blood of Online Business"

Without sufficient traffic your blog is never going to accomplish your goals and purpose.

Most of the new blogger quiet blogging just because they don't see and traffic on their blog.

Don't kill your blog Yet, Instead take some action's to revive your blog.

If You want a reliable and qualified search traffic but you don't know where to begin, So this Article is going to be your best resource.
how to increase website traffic for free by
Read it Conscientiously and try to act on the pearls you find.


Let's Jump to The 7 Advance Strategies to Drive Traffic to your Website. 


article directories - submit blog in articles submission
In order to draw more and more visitors to a site, it is important for a business to keep posting well written and publish them to article directories. 

Articles Submission sites helps you to jump start your writing career and also helps you to bring targeted traffic to your site.

As a it is quite essential in order to gain a higher rank for a site. it is important to gain access to high DA, PA Articles submission list and select best sites to submit your article.

Now here is the Top List of  Article Submission Sites With Instant Approval:
No Follow
27.bukisa.com262,8035NF! $350,7965

NF! - this site uses nofollow tag in author's resource box.
$ - payment required to submit articles.

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guest blogging - submit a guest post
Guest Blogging is has been very popular now a day's.

because it provides blogger endless benifits, such as the opportunity to build a positive reputation, get their brand infront of new audience. 

And Earn hundreds or thousands of new loyal readers.

Important Things to Consider When Guest Blogging.
Read Guest Post Guidelines

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1) Have a Niche-Related Blog:

profitable niche markets -
Before you submit the guest post it is essential to create a blog with professional design and rich content.

After all blogs which accepts guest posts receive multiple pitches a day and the first thing the content editors with check the quality of your blog. 

More Specifically the want to know who you are, what your qualifications are!, your writing style is fit for their audience or not.

For This reason, the content or your website should meet the needs of their audience and blog should be of a high quality.

 2) Have Social Profiles:

Many of the editors will check out your social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. So make sure that you social media profiles should be properly filled out with Bio and link to your site.

Note: Also, avoid using the default profiles image can case of twitter The white egg.  

And Don't worry if you have only few followers, what matters the most is that your profile Authentic and solid, quality over quality. 


Article Posting Schedule  for getting traffic by"Blogging is like a Exercise"

The Hardest part is starting once you have gotten some momentum them it's not hard to keep it going.

But if you stop it's hard to get going again just like a Exercise. 

For This purpose I recommend you to make Consistency and a Priority.


How many posts would you like to publish in 2018... 25? ,, 100? ,, 400? whatever the Number is divide it by 12 to see how many posts you would have to write each month to reach that goal.

I Recommend you to sit down with a paper, pen and calculator. Start playing with numbers. Work them into a weekly, monthly goal that you can feel good about.

Choose one day a week (for me it's Sunday) and plan the following week's blogging schedule. Be sure to account for number of posts you're planning to write each week.


youtube business
YouTube is the most popular videos sharing community on web.
Not Only, it is the third most viewed website is the world.

You Tube receive over 3 Billions views par day.

With an impressive three billion daily views, it is world second largest search Engine.

As a Marketer, there's an absolutely incredible potential with youtube if you deploy right strategy, imagine each of your video as a mire site. 


Why YouTube? and Youtube Videos?

Here are few reasons,

  • Video is a cheap: Their is no subscription required to post videos on YouTube.  
  • Videos Content is Highly Digestible and Entertaining. 
  • Video's are great tool for Communicating your Leadership: and expert know how bad and for this reason, they help you build your brand and Finally. It's Content that Google Loves ( Highly Ranked, Indexed) 

Step for Building Traffic: 
increase traffic on youtube videos.
There are three Outstanding phases that every marketer should follow to get fantastic Result.
  • Video Optimization.
  • Video Production.
  • Video Engagement. 

Let's go through in Details.

1) Video Optimization:

The First Thing you should focus on is market research ( Keywords Research ). You have to understand that what your potential Customers are searching for. 

Google Awords:  

This key tool can help you identify that what are the terms used by your customers. 

Each of these keywords will be the object of a video, so make sue to build a consistent list of terms. 

----------------------For Example: ----------------------
If you are selling diet program or foods, you will be interested in using the terms such as "How do i lose weight fast" or Like "Best Food to Lose Weight"  

Remember, these keywords are am impressions of needs that had to be full filled. 

Prepare a Spreadsheet Including:

  • The Title of the Video: Make sure it includes your main keywords, but give also twist and natural look.
  • The Description of the video: Make sure it clearly describes your content of the video and that it include your main keywords in it.
  •  The Tags of the Video: There are key terms which are used to describe your video, so make sure you choose then wisely. 

2) Video Production:

youtube video production  companies
You must provide useful information what solve a persons problem and provide explanations. 

"Some Tips for Producing Engaging Videos" 

  • Keep Them Short (2-3 minutes ): Longer Videos tend to lose engagement. 
  • Briefly Introduce what your Video is About: Make sure to state that what your viewers will get after watching. 
  • Music can be Good Support: Make sure you keep copy right in mind.
  • Provide them something to look at: E.g " Anything that keeps the user focused and interested. 
  • Speak Clearly: You are teaching and educating people. 

3) Video Engagement: 

youtube engagement metrics

Stimulate Comment: For instance you could invite a viewers to comment after watching the video, Alternatively, post an update on Facebook or Twitter. 

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    Drive traffic from your facebook page www.nisarhussain.comFacebook has quickly become the best should media site. if you aren't  there! them you are missing out, 

    As a blogger you can use this tool to not only make connection and stay in touch with other bloggers. but you can also use facebook to promote your blog!

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    Now the Question is "How do i create a facebook page" So i want to tell some steps about it.

    • How to Create a Facebook Page:

    Step 1: If you don't have a Facebook Account yet, It's quick and easy to create. Once you have your own account. you can find "Ads and Pages" link on the sidebar of your profile. 

    Step 2:  Select your Facebook Page Type:
    Facebook fortunately offers load of different pages types then you can choose from. Most  bloggers will doubtlessly choose the "Brand, Product and Organization"  Option, and then scroll down to very bottom of drop down available to find website. from there  you will be able to gave your  website new name. it's always best to go with the name of your website.
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    Step 3: Customize your Page: 
    So it may look a'bit empty at first. you can easily start custimize it with filling your information and add image, make sure that you adds either your website, logo or picture of yourself. 

    Using the picture of yourself make page more personal, but if you want to brand your site more then brand yourself use the logo then.

    7) Submit Blog to Google/Yahoo and Bing Directories:

    google and yahoo directories by
    It is very important to submit your blog or site to Google, Yahoo and Bing Directories, if you are running a blog or if you started a new blog then you should take 1st step to submit your blog to search Engines. 

    Because there are lot of advantages if you not make submission to search engine.


    • Blog will index on Search Engines.
    • All posts will fast indexed.
    • Easy to Manage crawl error.
    • Advises the to fix error.
    • Proper webmaster Dashboard.
    • 100% Free Google/Yahoo/Bing Search Queries. 
    • Sitemap submission.
    • Real time blog health report.
    • Verified to Search Engines. 

    (Unordered List) 

    i) How to Submit to Google Directory/Search Engine?
    ii) How to Submit to Bing Directory?

    We will explain each and everything in this article. 

    Submit on Bing: Go to Microsoft and login Microsoft Account or your MSN Account then on front page you can see the option add a website enter your URL and click on Add.

    submit site to bing webmaster by

    Once you have added site then enter your Siemap URL and Continue to next. that is all you have to done verify your website ownership They will give file or META word add it in your blog. 
    add sitemap in bing webmaster
    Submit on Yahoo: 
    Now Webmaster and Yahoo Site explorer has been merge with Bing webmaster tool you can login to your yahoo explorer into bing both are now one tool. 

    Submit on GOOGLE: 
    How to submit site to google search engine
    Here is a Most important part for all bloggers and webmaster, How to make submission for a website/Blog to Google Directory. It's best role for web pages. 

    Step 1 : Go to Google Webmaster and Login to your Google Account and click on ADD A PROPERTY then enter your blog or website URL and Click Continue.

    add site in google webmaster by
    Once you have submitted they will give you unique id or code or HTML TAG which you put into your site for the verification of Ownership of the site which you added. 

    This is all once you done it. your site will be added to Google Directory within 24 hours. 

    Hope you like it.

    Article by: Abdul Samad Leghari 
    The first step?
    Leave a comment to let me know which Way you’re going to try First.
    Either way, leave a quick comment below right now, and Feel Free to Share.


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