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Cookidoo App Android Review | Official Thermomix App IOS 2.0 Download - Nisar Hussain

Cookidoo App is a library of more than 1,400 Australian food recipes and a global library of over 26,000 recipes, with new ones added all the time. 

Cookidoo makes it even easier to create delicious meals for your family with the weekly meal planner and shopping list tools.

Cookidoo App Android

Review by a Publisher:

The Official Thermomix App 2.0 will bolster you to make your ownrecipe treasure. From the developing universe of Bimby recipes you pick and pick which recipes run with you wherever you are:One formula gathering is incorporated to kick you off right away!

Do you effectively claim the application My Way of Cooking? Our unique blessing: every one of the 175 recipes from "My Way of Cooking" will be downloaded to your new application. 

Download the most recent refresh first.Expand your library at whatever point you need with the numerous delicious accumulations accessible for procurement. 

New accumulations will be offered each month: Enjoy for instance Speedy Dinners, Magic in the Kitchen, Get propelled by our menu of the week, our group picks, smash hits and the best appraised recipes.

The simple to utilize seek causes you to rapidly get to the recipes you are looking for.

Organise your organizer and shopping in a shrewd and lively way - simply simplified recipes onto the schedule, your shopping list gets refreshed asyou design! Effortlessly add things to your shopping list, evacuate things or adjust sums on the off chance that you have them on stock.

Dear Thermomix Cookidoo Fans,

The Official Thermomix Cookidoo App gives you access to the growing universe of mouthwatering Thermomix Guided Cooking recipes. You pick and choose which recipes go with you wherever you are. One free welcome recipe collection is included to get you started right away.


To use the app you need to have your Thermomix Cookidoo username and password. Your local Thermomix Cookidoo website will tell you how to create your account for the app.


Wondering what you are cooking today? Discover hundreds of ideas for every taste, season and occasion! Add recipe collections easily to your treasure via In-App-Purchase or with the new Cookidoo  Membership you get instant access to every recipe on Cookidoo. Everything’s on the menu! Our weekly suggestions and editor picks will point you in the right way.


Planning and creating shopping lists are easy and fun, just drag and drop recipes to your planner and your shopping list is automatically created. Or create your shopping list from scratch, cross items off as you go through the supermarket, never forget anything you need at home. 


Add your personal notes to recipes to adapt them to your personal taste. Or create your own recipe lists to manage your treasure the way you want.


Do you have a Cook-Key - our new accessory for Thermomix TM5? Then enjoy sending your recipe favorites, weekly planning, recipe notes and recipe lists from the iOS App to your Thermomix .

Source: Official Cookidoo App By Vorwerk International Mittelsten Scheid

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

Category: Food & Drink
Updated: 13 November 2017
Version: 4.2.3
Size: 222 MB
Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
Developer: Vorwerk International Mittelsten Scheid & Co.
© 2013 Vorwerk International Mittelsten Scheid & Co.

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