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How to Speed-Up Of WordPress Website ( FAST ) - Nisar Hussain

If your Wordpress Website is slow while opening, 

and you want to increase it's loading speed than this awesome plugin can help you a lot.

Hey, I'm Nisar Hussain and today, I'm going to share with a very interesting and necessary WordPress plugin which you should install now.

As you know, WordPress help us to develop a super cool website for FREE.

but a lot of time, when we create a website it loads slow.

It takes 8 seconds or more while opening homepage or other articles.

If you have the same problem, then please read this article carefully.

We know that Rank website on Google is not Easy work.

we have to do proper work and increase our website Domain Authority for achieving great ranking.


the problem is How to increase Domain Authority of Website?

Friends, DA totally depends on Site age, Number of Quality Backlinks, Website Content, Traffic of Website, Bounce Rate, and CTR from Google.


If your website is 1 year old, you can not rank on google first page easily.

but as compare, if your website has a good number of traffic from social media, Google etc

you can rank better on Search Engines.

But You must have to learn SEO for perfect ranking.

Website Load speed is the one Factors of SEO.

It means if your website load fast then it's mean you are able to rank.


the problem is How to Speed-up of a website?

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You can use some plugins that reduce website loading and make it faster.

Yeah friends,

Wordpress is one of the advanced ways to create and do any things with zero programming knowledge.

You are able to do each and everything in Wordpress without doing any changes inside of site PHP.

Ewww image Optimize ReviewMy favorite Plugin which I use personally to increase website speed is EWWW Image Optimizer

You can also use smash plugin, Both work equally.

Ewww Plugin will help you to decrease the size of images which we attach in our all articles.

It works automatically, we just have to install this plugin and click on Optimize images.

It takes few minutes according to web articles and compress images from you all articles one-by-one.

Images take time while loading articles,


this awesome plugin converts all pictures and speed-up of your website.

You can save storages by using this plugin as well as bandwidth. 

You can also use Rocket plugin for increase website traffic.

It is premium so you have to purchase it. 

You can Download EWWW Image optimizer from below:
Download Button gif
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tell me which plugin you are going to try first?

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