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Adsense Tips | 12 Things You Have Done Before Applying For Adsense [Case Study 2018]

So Do you want to apply for AdSense for Making some Money from Your Blog?
and want to Enjoy the life of your dream?


How to approve AdSense fast

Off Course Every One wants anyway! That’s the dream of every Blogger to get AdSense

But wait …..
I have to say something,

That’s not easy. Google AdSense is very strict when it comes about Approving New Applications Because everyone is trying to get approval by AdSense.

So they have made difficult and hard process.

these some Question asked to me alot of times:


how to approve adsense account with blogger?


blogger adsense approval trick?


how to qualify for adsense through blogger?


how to get adsense on youtube?


how to get google adsense approval fast?
how to get adsense on blogger?
how to get adsense approval for youtube?
how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute?

Guys Worry not. 

We are with you! You are not alone at all. 🙂

In this article i am going to share with you each and everything that you must have done before applying for AdSense and get approval quickly.

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This post is surely giving to answers your all quiz:



Google AdSense is one of the most oldest network which offers Publishing and works at pay per click system. When it comes about legality it speak itself.

Google AdSense is having thousands of customer’s and satisfied publishers because AdSense pays on time.


One of the Biggest and major reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can easily earn Hugh amount very easily if we doing in right way.

Therefore for me AdSense should be number one choice from all Others Networks.

It’s paying rates are just about awesome compared to others networks. So Guys that’s the key of Behind it’s Popularity and Success.

that’s why everyone is trying to get approval and running behind them. so they have made approval system very tough Incase if we make minor mistakes you will get Rejected.

Learn my Secret Tip to get Approval Fast Read:


rejection Adsense with solutions

Friends before going through the reason you must know Google AdSense Requirement  and keep it in mind before we go to reasons.

Now Reasons:

short content rank

  • Deficient or Short Content:
If you are only having enough content and text for Google Team of Specialist for review.
Keep in mind that Google give alot value and more Attention to the content present or blog before giving it permission.
If your content is written with poor grammar and it contains mistakes the Google will reject the blog anyway.
Not only the Content should be Grammatically Correct but it also it need to be Unique so That it may fill full the value of Readers.
The Number one reason is Poor and Deficient content.
grammer check.net
This Question asked alot of times to me, but today i will share a website only for You which helps to check and solve the Grammar mistake
the Website is : Grammar Check and copy paste your Article in the box and click on Check.

seo with designing

You Must have properly Designed blog which give good impression to visitors.

Always Remember that the blogs which we designed poorly are hard to understand by the visitors so that they get rejected.

My personal Suggestion for you is:
Use WordPress and themeforest.net Theme on your Website because they are Best and all theme are SEO Optimized. Google Loves those website which are SEO Optimized and user friendly.

and more ever You can make website with Web Builder from here:

adsense privacy for pages
If you want to get accepted by AdSense you must have About Us and Contact Us Pages. so that it may imprint that your professional.
Keep in mind  having Privacy Policy page is included in Google AdSense.
But How to Create Privacy Policy Page?
I will Show you in few Minutes, Just Read the Complete Article and Share it.

If your site is not having rid and good Content and no organic traffic or having bad users experience. your website will be rejected. So You Must have complete Guidance before applying for AdSense.

Don’t Quit Guys!

You are half way there….

you learnt about reason but you don’t know how to solve all of these problems on your website!

but friends don’t worry i am here only for you. i will explain the solutions with  Step-by-Step….

just smile and continue reading complete article.

Things to do before Applying for AdSense:


  • Publish High Quality Content:
Write SEO Optimized Blog Post

Mr Google is in love with those Bloggers who publish High Quality Content to the Viewers.

So Before applying for AdSense you will have to write High Quality Content. so make sure that your viewers Enjoy you content.


Some Tips for Writing High Quality Blog Post:
  • Use Proper Heading’s and Lists.
  • Avoid Grammar Mistakes.
  • Must Contain Information (User Friendly).
  • Use LSI Keywords in it.
  • Do proper On-Page SEO (Add Internal and External Links).
  • Use MultiMedia like Images and Video between Post.
  • Must be Honest like Me 🙂
  • You Must Have Privacy Policy Page:


Privacy Policy Page

It’s in the Requirements of Google AdSense that you must have Privacy Policy Page on Your Website.

So First Thing You have do before applying you will have to create Privacy Policy page on your blog. Other Wise you can not get approval Easily.

A Privacy Describes to your Visitors that what they get on your Blog . So Obviously there is noting bad in it.

You can Write it Your Self. (Always Create Simple Privacy Policy page)

Or if you can not write it Your Self Worry Not. am here,

Follow my Methods to create a Privacy Policy Page.
website: https://www.privacypolicyonline.com/

Hope You like it…

  • Create About Us Page:

Like Privacy Policy, You must have to create About Us Page because it will ensure your

viewers that someone real is behind the blog.

It’s makes trust and Interaction between You and Visitors.

About Simply Describes you and your blog. This will be helpful for you to create Good

relation with viewer’s.


Come to How to Make it?

It’s not a hard process… Just make a Page and Write About Your self DONE!.

you can check Samples on the Professional Bloggers like Neil Patel and Brian Dean.

  • Create Contact Us Page:

Create a Contact Us Page and also add your email from that you are going to apply for



By Doing this you are Ensuring the Mr Google the we do really care about your

Customers, Visitors. we are ready to help them. they can contact us any time.

How to Create it?

It is also a easy task. just make a page and use Contact Form 7 Plugin in WordPress.

if you don’t know how to use it just go to YouTube.com and search “How to make Contact Us page in (WordPress/blogger)”
requirements of adsensez



Dear Guys! make sure when you are applying never forget to put up your email address in some easily visible area…

This will speed up verification process and no time you will Enjoy AdSense approval account.


if you forget your email or password, then you will never get back it and also your website will be waste.

the solution for this problem is “Verify your account”

It is the 100% secure and best way to work online and enjoy your life.



blog posts picture

According to my Experience the best time to apply for Google AdSense account when you have at least 20 good posts and length must be more than for words.


Mr Google will notice that Your website is going On and update on daily basis. if you publish new and new articles every week, you will get Approval fast.

Here is the deal

Just Write articles every week or every day.


Always use and Provide your correct data of birth age while applying for Google AdSense.

Major Reason is this that Google AdSense is not for peoples of age group of under 18.

So i advice you to be accurate…

web designing picture

Remember that your blog design is biggest and thing after Content.

This represents your ensurity of being professional. so you have to build a good friendly environment to engage your viewer’s….

Here is the Problem!

How You can Design Your Blog?

It’s such a Big problem for newbie’s, but here i have a simple solution for you for this problem…

But it’s not Easy work if you want to do it yourself. I recommend  you to use Fiverr.com and  Guru.com


they are a Freelancing website and both are best for Hire a Professional Designer for Your Web Design work.
He/She will charge low price and do Designing of your website and it is a best way for it…


Be careful with what type of content your are publishing.

Here are some Contents which are not accepted by AdSense:


  • Pornography/Adult Contact material.
  • Hacking or Cracking Contact.
  • Illegal Drugs.
  • Illegal Stuff.
here are the language’s that Google AdSense is support:
adsense support picture

You must have unique own domain that clearly specify your blog.

domain and hosting picture

If you Don’t have Stop Dreaming about AdSense and Earning alot of Money with a Website.

Website must have Personal Domain name and fast Hosting, and you have to buy them from the top Hosting Provider Companies…..

You Need Paypal or MasterCard for Buy these Thing because we are going to buy them Online.


Which web Hosting and Domain Company is best?

This Question asked to me lot of times, so i want to suggest you Some Best, High Speed and Cheapest Companies for Buy Hosting and Domain name:

remove ads network

Through Google AdSense allows you to use other Ads Networks Alone with it. but its better to remove.

It’s best to remove until you get approval of AdSense.

You can remove all Advertisements from your blog, when you will get approval then apply other’s ads network like:
Popads AND Clickadu these are the best ads-networks for small publisher.




traffic sourse for website picture

Mr Google really hates those sites which are getting paid traffic, so there is no chance of getting Approval by Paid Traffic.

Also Note: that Google doesn’t Accept traffic from illegal sources.

You’ve read about the 12 Things You Have Done Before Applying For AdSense. Now it’s time to implement them.
The first step?
Leave a comment to let me know which Method you’re going to try first.
Either way, leave a quick comment below right now.

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