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AutoBlogging Complete Guide

What is Auto Blogging – Make Money from Auto Blogging (A Brief Guide)

Is it possible to make money Automatically or Can we do Blogging without writing articles? all things will happen on Autopilot!

Hello guyz, I’m Nisar Hussain and in the article, I’m going to explain A-2-Z About Autoblogging.

It is not complicated but a lot of people don’t know how to make Autoblog in 2019  & They don’t know How to make money from it.


I thought to write a brief guide for newbies on this topic. I’ll try to clear all steps from what is it to the last point which is how to monetize your autopilot blog for making money from it.

I will tell you the process to make this kind of site on WordPress as well as on Blogger, both ways, I’ll tell you in this article.

first of all,

What is Auto Blogging?

Auto Blogging is a process or way to make a website without writing articles or without effort.

It is like automated blog content generator without spending many bucks on it. 🙂


It is not that easy as you are thinking!

Basically, We can do AutoBlogging on any platform as like on WordPress or on Blogger. Most people love to do it on WordPress and some of them do it on Blogger.

wordpress users can only do auto blogging on some niche and blogger users can do in some niche.

we can’t do for all kind of niche as like scholarships. only images blog, or insurance blog.

We can do this via RSS Feed of other websites, and when they publish any content our blog will fetch their articles and publish on our site

There are much more ways not just by RSS.

You can not do Auto-Blogging if you don’t know what the basic Steps in Blogging. You can read this article about What Is Blogging For Beginners

But understand this line that Which articles will publish on our Autoblog is not our own.

It is third-party content which we use!

There are much more ways to remove the plagiarism from that article to make it unique via some plugins and manual method.

I’ll give you all free autoblogging plugin for wordpress which are necessary for making Autoblog. So read all and download FREE Autoblogging software from this article.


  • What is auto blogging? How does one do it?: It is a way to make a blog by some plugins or sites by which all articles will be generated automatically, and it is only possible to do via RSS feed.
  • Can I use auto blogging legally: Basically, It is not our content so it is not legal but we can do it because they allow via RSS. if you are doing to long term then it is best to ask from that site owner for doing this.
  • How to create an autoblog with minimal time and effort: I’ll explain this STEP-BY-STEP in this article.
  • Is auto blogging safe or not: Not at all, Cheaper Hosting get a lot of issues so always choose best web Hosting for this. I’ll suggest to you, buy BlueHost Hosting. Why this, Please Read our Rest Article below!
  • Does autoblogging still work for making money: Hmmmm Yes, but it is too difficult to rank because you can’t do more SEO for this kind of blog but, I’ll tell you how to Earn.
  • How does autoblogging work best for affiliate marketing: It is the best way to Earn from it. I’ll tell you with all Basic Steps below.
  • How to optimize autoblogging: We can not do much more optimization for this kind of blog, but by creating backlinks, we can get rank on google and earn our living by Autoblog.

require logo

Required Things, Softwares, and Plugins for AutoBlogging:

Basically, Different kind of niche needs another plugin to make the auto blog.

Just one plugin cannot make an autosblog! so here I’ll give you some of my known plugins which helps you to do this blogging on a lot of niches.

First of all, you need a domain and Hosting, no matter if you are doing at Blogger of WordPress. If  you don’t know about Domain name and Hosting and twhich is best to buy them read this:

from this article, you will learn what is hosting and domain with proper details and You will get which is Best Hosting for AutoBlogging for a new blog.

After purchasing a domain name and the best web hosting from the best company which I recommended in the given article, the next step is to install wordpress. and Customize it properly.

You can do it by yourself you can Hire someone from FIVERR for designing your new website in under 20$ to 100$.

then get these plugins:

  1. WP-Automatic Plugin ( Automatic E-commerce Product Affiliate Marketing Plugin)
  2. 1 Click Video Site Builder PRO ( AutoBlog For any kind of Video site)
  3. BulletProof Security Review | Plugin Free Download
  4. All In One SEO Pack Pro Download Latest Version
  5. Speed Optimization WordPress – Speed-Up Of WP Website (PLUGIN)

For Blogger Users, Can do AutoBlogging via ifttt website. I explained the step-by-step process in a tutorial.

Please watch our previous article by searching Autoblogging for Bloggers from the Search Bar.

WATCH FIRST, If you don’t understand in the tutorial just comment below, I’ll write a different article for Blogger. 😉

Okay, Now Let’s go to the creating autoblog process:

How to Make AutoBlog for Video Site:


You nee 1 click video site builder Plugin which is paid. It is very simple to use the plugin and its name is “One Click Site builder).

it is a paid plugin and Its original price is 60$ But, as you are my visitor, I’ll give you in just 10$. Get this plugin from here: 1 CLICK VIDEO SITE BUILDER PRO FOR WORDPRESS – NISAR HUSSAIN

It is the best plugin for autoblogging on video site.how to use 1 click video site builder

how to use 1 click video site builder

how to use 1 click video site builder

See the upper screenshots for the setting of this plugin which you have to do before running an autoblok.

first of all, you need to know, how it works!

This plugin will fetch your YouTube Videos and embed them in your website with complete description.

It automatically creates a thumbnail and makes it featured images for the video.

You just need to do proper setting

and then add YouTube API Key which you can get into the Options menu in plugin setting.

You can watch this video for getting YouTube API key:

after adding the API key. just follow other steps which I show you in Screenshots.

You need to add YouTube Channel Link which is related to your blog topic and add the number for getting videos and click to Generate Videos.

It will start embedding and fetch the videos from the given YouTube channel by You and after Finishing the process.

It’s Done. You can add multiple channel Url for getting more videos in just 60 Second at just one click. 😀

You have created an AutoBlog without much more effort and spending much more amounts of money.

You just need a Domain + Hosting with the plugin. 

Now let’s come to another kind of AutoBlogging system.

How to Make AutoBlog Affiliate Marketing:

AutoBlog Affiliate Marketing

This is an advanced kind of auto blog for E-Commerce. this autoblog Adsense allow for advertisements and make money autoblogging more by CPM.

A Blogspot auto poster and wordpress auto post from rss cannot do for this kind of auto site.

For any E-Commerce website, You can make only on WordPress. For AutoBlogging, you can make this via one of my given plugin in the require Section in this article.

It is a top auto blogs in the modern world, here you don’t need auto blogger post maker. Mostly Indian autosblog is on news.

After installing the WP-Automatic plugin (wordpress auto post from another website).

It is best for making e-commerce site or Affiliate marketing site for products with your Referral Links.

This plugin will add automatically your Affiliated link of Amazon, eBay, Flickr and more with the product picture and description with1 click.

After fetching products, you have to promote for getting sales and initial traffic.

for this, You can read these articles:

This plugin is not much more expensive. You can just buy this is only 20$. Contact me if you want this plugin. check official plugin from HERE.

How can you use this plugin?

Just install it and open it and add your Username of Amazon, eBay and other if you want in the Setting section and Click on Save.

then just add the keyword for the product as like “Headphone” and click to generate.

it will automatically search all products with the same keyword and fetch them to your site with Your Affiliated Link 😉

Watch the Step-By-Step process to use this plugin, you can watch this video as a sample of this plugin for checking how it works.

It is one of my favorite way to do autoblogging because we can earn by affiliate marketing via this. It automatically fetches products which you want to import with Your Affiliated Links. So We can earn 1000$ Per day through this blogging. You need to spend 100$ daily on Promoting and your income will be 1000-3000$ per day which is good.

I hope you like this article. Please Share to 10 websites and get the 1 plugin for FREE.

Make a list and add links where you share this article.

Comment below and tell me which Autoblogging you are going to try first?

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