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7 Best Ad Network’s For Publishers Of All Time With Fast Approval (Updated)

Are you looking to Utilize your Blog as source of Profit.

Do you want to make money fast through your website?
Alas! You are there on Right Place 😀
Native ads network for publisher
Blog monatization or to Earn Extra Money from the Blog is the main objective of every blogger.
Guys! There are quite few methods to your blog as a source of your income. 

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Feel FREE Guys…
Here i am going to tell you one of the best way to turn blog as a source of profit.
Be a Publisher on Ads Network
So Viewer’s!
One of the best method is to become a Publisher.
for this you will have to display ads on your blog or site. and These Ads are provided by Ad Network’s, So you will have to join advertising network to get Ads.
As a Matter of fact there are plenty of Ad Networks. so big thing is to choose Best Ad Network which may generate highest revenue for you.
so here one thing is clear that publishers are the blogger or site owners Who run advertisements on their blog/site to gain money and generate Revenue.I perfectly understand that choosing the best Ad Network is not an Easy task for New Bloggers who are trying their first attempt.

Because Most of the sites and blogs are not approved by all ads networks, so friends here i have only selected those ads networks which approve all publishers who want to join their company.

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for this problem i have a idea for you. you can get unlimited or 3000 visitors/Day by using my method and invest some money on my given plane.

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Now come to our Article about top 7 Ads Networks which pay High for publishers.No need to worry about getting approval because i have only chosen top 7 Best Ads Networks which almost approve every site and pay on time….

Now friends let’s talk about Those Network’s:

google adsense logo pic1) Google AdSense:

Google AdSense is know as the world Largest and best online advertising network.
Most importantly it is Free and provides you best opportunity to Earn Money online from home.However, to get approve by AdSense is not easy. you have to follow quality guideline to get approved.

You can check our previous Article about Getting Approval from AdSense:

You can choose type of ads that best fit for your website.

“Basic Info about AdSense”

  • Payment Method: Check, Paypal, Payoneer, Payza.
  • Payment Terms: Net-30
  • Minimum Payment:  100$
  • Minimum traffic: 100 – 200/day
join now button gif


sulvo surge ads network
Rejected by Google AdSense?
No Worry!
Because Sulvo is said to be the best alternative to Google AdSense, because it offers Google ads which generate high revenue.
They offer most of their revenue to their publishers. Sulvo is so confident to increase your Earnings, that they will pay you 500$ if you don’t make more money.

“Basic Info about Sulvo”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, ACH Direct, Wire transfer.
  • Minimum Payment:  20$.
  • Minimum traffic: 500 – 1000/day
join now button gif
How to Join it? 
  • After Click on Join button you will see homepage of Sulvo.
  • Then Just fill your info like this:


then just click on Request Account after 2-3 days they will send you email that your account has been approved or Not…


chitika logo

Chitika ad network is very good for many websites where AdSense results are poor.

Chitika is also know as adsense alternative but it is better then others.

Chitika is the largest Advertising Network with over 300,000 publishers. It’s approval for new publishers is pretty easy.

More over it does not have any minimum traffic requirement with Chitika you can make money if you have traffic.


“Basic Info about Chitika”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Check, Payza
  • Minimum Payment:  10$
  • Minimum Traffic : 50 – 100/day.
join now button gif

How to Join it?

  • Click on the Join Now button and enter you email.
  • then open your mail and verify chitika account.
  • After Verify your email they will redirect you to this form page, fill it with Correct Information.

4) Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads is a popular and best Advertising Network which is online since 2011.Propeller Ads media is a good solution for medium and large publishers as it provides various Ad Formats including mobile Advertising so that publishers can monetize their full inventory.

There is No minimum traffic Required, sites with good content and without Ads will be approved fast.but the problem with this propeller ads Network is that ‘It has alot of ads and pop-ups which irritate some times. but it is good for those publishers who has site on these topics ” movies, songs and apps”.

propeller ads is also a adsense alternative but it is for small publisher, if you are small blogger then you can earn big money with this network and this ad network approve websites fast then others advertising networks.


“Basic Info about Propeller Ads”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Check, Payza
  • Minimum Payment:  50$
  • Minimum Traffic : 10 – 50/day
join now button gif

How to Join it?

  • Go to Propellerads.com and click on Become a Publisher.
  • Fill it like the screenshot:
how to get propeller ads account


  • Verify your Email and then wait for 24Hours. they will approve your site.
  • Done!

5) AdNow:

adnow picture

Adnow is very good advertising network for Big Publisher. small and big publishers can make money alot with impressions and 300-500% more on clicks.

Adnow is a Native advertising network with widget based ads that  publisher can use on their site.even  through they are not very famous compared to other network’s they are use of the premium Ad networks in Native advertising. they are currently having more 150,000 publishers.

adnow is a Native Advertising platform

now this question may come in your mind that what is what is native advertising?

so friends i want to tell you about the Native advertising.

Actually the Native adevertisng is the widely used type of advertising which match’s the form and function on the base of platform’s appearance .
In number of times it is clearly shown as video or article made by advertiser with the intention to advertise or promote the product while matching with the platform and the style which would be seen in the work of the platform’s adetorial staff.

The word native indicates the unity of the content with the other media

I prefer Adnow for big profit if you have a big website then try it.

“Basic Info about Adnow”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer, Check, Payza
  • Minimum Payment:  20$
  • Minimum Traffic :.300-1000/day
join now button gif

How to Join it?

  • Go to Adnow.com and click on Sign-up.
  • Fill it like the screenshot:
fill info in adnow account
  • After Verify it by your mail it show like this:
adnow verified

6) Revenue Hits:

revenue hits picture

Revenuehits is a PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mile) AD-Networks for publishers.

It uses contenual and geo-targeted Ad serving technology to serve ads on websites Mobile sites, add-ons, Toolbars, Widgets and more.

It serve over Billion impression each day and provides 100% fill rate across all geographical locations.

“Basic Info about Revenue Hits”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer.
  • Minimum Payment:  20$
  • Minimum Traffic :20-100/day
join now button gif

How to Join it?


  • Go to Revenuehits.com and click on Start Now.
  • Fill it like the screenshot:
get approval from revenue hits
  • Verify your email, and it will take 24 hours to approve your account.
  • Done!

7) Clicksor

clicksor account

Clicksor is an online contentual Advertising Network which owned by Yesup Ecommerce Solution Inc.

Clicksor is one of the oldest advertising Network for both web advertising and publishers.It serve over 900 Million ad impression on its publisher network sites. It offers various formats such as Banners Ads, Text Ads, Pop-ups Ads etc..

It currently serve thousand of ads around the world.


“Basic Info about Revenue Hits”

  • Payment Method: Paypal, Payoneer.
  • Minimum Payment:  20$
  • Minimum Traffic :20-100/day
join now button gif

How to Join it?


  • Go to Clicksor.com and click on Join as a Publisher.
  • Fill your Correct info and it takes 48hours to approve Account.
  • Done!
Article by: Abdul Samad Leghari 
Publisher: Nisar Hussain Laghari
The first step?
Leave a comment to let me know which Ads Network you’re going to try first.
Either way, leave a quick comment below right now, and Feel Free to Share.

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