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Free SEO tools for beginners

The Best SEO Tools for Beginners (2019 List)

I’ll share with you the best SEO tools for beginners. Do you find SEO confusing and hard?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But what if I told you that there’s a handful of tools that are amazing for beginners and will solve all of your SEO problems?

Read this complete article to learn about the best seo tools for bloggers that will boost your rankings and help you rank #1 on google in 2019.

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Your website must have Mobile Friendly & AMP for Ranking higher & fast. You can use AMPforWP PRO for this.

If you don’t know about it, Here is a simple & easiest way to make your website AMP: Edit Mobile View Of WordPress Site (AMP)

so let start:

the first tools which I want to suggest to you and that is:

#1: MOZ

moz beginners guide to seo

Moz is really simple & easy to use SEO tool, especially for beginners.

they have a really pretty and nice interface, and which you add your website, it shows all kinds of stuff like your On-Page, your duplicate content & your title tags which are missed up, or whatever it may be.

Moz will monitor your website and notify you when there is any problem.


It will say you which is a most important issue & what you should fix first. If you know each thing of MOZ, Please leave a Comment below. & say Yes.

or haven’t they say No.

I just want to know how much of you know about this tool so It will help me with making future posts.

from here, you can access Moz:

Moz Free Tools Login

Please check these articles:

#2: Ubersuggest

what Ubersuggest allow you to do is Find more keywords to go after. The thing with SEO is You need more keywords.

As more keywords you targetting, The more potential traffic you will get.

You found that you are already rank for certain keywords or time or you are going to rank certain keywords over time.

As you find your keywords by which you are getting more traffic Organically, You should put those keywords into Ubersyggest, It will show you all the Long-tail variations of that keyword.

ubersuggest how to use

for Example, I rank for Digital Marketing keyword on Google.

by putting this keyword into Ubersuggest, It will show me all the Similar suggested keywords related to Digital Marketing.

because I rank for the head term, so Ubersuggest me Long-tail term, These are a tree, four, five words phrases.


by adding these keywords to that article which is already ranking higher on Google.

I will find, I’m quickly starting rank for those long tail term within 30 days.

to do this, You should take those keywords that are relevant to your main keyword and integrate to them.

PRO TIP: Sometimes you add those keywords into the article and sometimes You have to Expend your content according to keywords.

It’s FREE. You can access this tool from the below:

Ubersuggest How to Use

Here are bonus Stuff for you:

#3: BuzzSumo

We you try to figure out what kind of content to right on, the last thing you do to write content. that no once Read!

Buzzsumo is the best seo analysis tool for researching the content idea. here is a cool part of BUZZSUMO.

buzzsumo alternatives 2019 free

there is already a lot of content in your space. Typing keyword in your space & Buzzsummo will show you all those popular articles who did well.

You want to take this but not copy this article but instead,  give you the idea what people likes VS what they don’t.

BuzzSumo basis these by on Social Shares.

So you know are you creating content to similar to this, You’ll do well on social webs that I say Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

I think You have got the point that’s why we use Buzzsumo.


#4: Keyword EveryWhere (Browser Extension)

Keywords EveryWhere is a free chrome extension in which you perform searches on Google, It will show you other related keywords as well as search query related phrases.

keywords Everywhere

so when you just doing Google searches with some good keywords

it will show you at least low competitive keywords including with their search Monthly search volume.

This is my favorite tool for finding more LSI Keywords that I use in content for Ranking for multiple keywords.

Download Keywords EvereWhere

The fifth tool I’ve for you is ahrefs:

#5: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a professional SEO tools for Off-Page Optimizations. It is best PAID tool for enterprise. It has a cool feature which is known as Link Intersect. it is a best seo link building tool of 2018.

Now, what the link intersect does for you is that It shows you who is linking to your top 3 competitors pages but Not linking to yours.

Ahrefs best

the best thing for that I like Link intersect is,

If people are linking 3 or 4 times to your top competitor’s but not yours, there is a good chance they will also be linked to yours.

If you reach out that website which linked one or hundred times of your competitor’s

It is really rough to email them & convince them to link to you.


If someone is really interested in your competitor’s & linking, it means it will continuously open to linking to more people in your space.

and that’s why we use link intersect.

If you are searching for best cheap seo tools then You should go with Moz.


the next tool to check out is:

6: Google Trends

Google has continuously push brands more than anything else over the last year.

You want to build a brand big, the reason you should Google Trends is it shows how much well your brand is doing overtime.

You go to Google trends & type your brand names VS Competitor, It shows you which brand is bigger:

Google Trends Guide

You want it to continuously grow over time.

and a great way to make it grow is channel approach. That doing things in content marketing using tools like BUZZSUMO which we talked about.

doing this with link building which is again we have talked about which is Ahrefs.

Doing after updating your content & updated relevant phrases so people can find you over time, you can do that by using Ubersuggest which again we have talked about.


The cool part of Google Trends is ‘It tracks your brand not just over  time but It shows you how your brand is performing in different Regions & Countries’

This is huge if you not a Globe Company.

By this, you can see which regions or countries you need to improve

Google Trends Homepage

The last tool I have for you is

#7: AnswerthePublic

when people are searching on Google a lot of times,

they are asking Google Questions. You must be at the top for all the questions. You know the site Quora,

Quora gets a lot of traffic by justing answering the questions.

Why you should answer these questions at your own web?

Answer The Public like if you something like keywords Marketing, It will show you all the questions related to marketing.


You can update your website to cover all the questions that people are searching so you can get most of the traffic from Google.


So guyz That’s it.

Those are the tools that you should use as a Beginners, If you have any question Please leave a Comment below

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