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What Is Blogging For Beginners: How To Start Blog Complete Guide

Looking for what is a blog and how does it work?


Want to Learn Blogging from Starting or Some Advance Techniques for Professional Work?

Ahn You are at our the place!

I’m Nisar Hussain and today I’m going to explain blogging and simplify it.

As we know, we are living in the age of science. There are a lot of advanced technology is between us.

But we never give our attention to them like Mobile Networks. Which allow us to send our voice to another country with a second…

it is just an example there are a number of thing in our daily life which are modern and advance.

Blogging For Beginners:

In the online field, we have seen a lot of Articles, Data, Videos, Quotes, Histories etc.

Who is writing and uploading those things on the internet?

They are Web Owner and also know as Bloggers. The Word Blogging is taken from Blogger which means Online work.


Here not all online works are Blogging, As Freelancing and Teaching etc….

I’ll explain all things after some basics. Which online was do on the website it is known as Blogging…

It means that A webmaster wrote articles on his/her Website, He is doing Blogging. There is no need for coding or language like PHP, HTML, AJAX, JAVA, C++ ETC.

You can do blogging or another website by partisanship. For Blogging your  English must be Good and your Grammar should be strong.


Tips To Start Your Own Blog 

If we go to my past.

I was Expert in Playing Computer games. Someone my elder suggest me to make videos and review on the game which play!!

I don’t understand what he is saying because I did know about the internet and Online Work..

After I go to college, I saw some website like Ranker and Top 10. They are just making posts on a different topic like Movies, Players, Games, Actress, etc

Then what!

I was confused to see lots of comments and votes on these posts. Then read and learn Blogging from Google.

I make my first website Nisarhussain.com and Start Writing about my small tricks like Free Internet and sharing software and other small stuff…

Time by Time I start uploading advance things like Content Related SEO and Blogging…

I always try first before publishing to my website for you… 

I’m writing an article on a website it’s mean I’m doing Blogging. You can write about your self it is also called blogging.

Always go with your Interest in making a website or starting an online business. Because it’ll help you to do work, If I starting writing about Recipes or Nutrition,

I’ll be boor in one or two months then I’ll stop writing and doing blogging!!

So It is my experience for you, always choose the topic (Niche) Related to your own interest and hobby.

Some Queries and their answers are below:

  • how to start a blog for free?:  I’ll explain each an everything in this article.
  • How blogging changed my life? —> Read Above I explained Complete About it.
  • How blogging helps SEO? —->If your content is Unique and Perfect, You don’t need to spend Money for Promoting article, Your Blog Content do SEO by own Self and Rank.
  • How blogging helps business? —–> We can promote our business by writing articles and publishing it on google. More people will read about our business and we will get its benefits.
  • How blogging earns money? —–> It depends on your content, if you are doing blogging on E-commerce like selling something online. You’ll add affiliated link to get revenue Or You can Approve Google AdSense to your site and generate Good income.
  • Why blogging is important? —-> Honestly, If you are not doing blogging It’s Okay. You can do more thing to earn money online from home.
  • When did blogging start? —> Their is no exact time and date for this answer to this question. according me about 100 Years ago. in 1918. they allow Publicly to write articles on the website.
  • What blogging means? —-> I explained above.
  • Can blogging make money? —> Yes, A blogger or webmaster can earn more them 10k$ Per Month by just doing Blogging…

Their are a number of questions about Blogging, so leave a comment if you want to ask any thing which is in your mind.  


How to Choose a Blog Niche
It is to the hard part of choosing the topic for the new website..
I’ll give you some tips and share some Easy Techniques to find out those topics which are perfect and profitable for you.
Just Be Relax and keep Reading 🙂
As you know blogging is not game of one or two days/months. you can run a website for your life time, But a blogger is advance He/She started doing Work on more them one website.
It is in the blood of Webmaster and of Blogger.
Now, Come to our main Question, How to choose a blog topic? Basically, It depends on your hobby and interest as I told before.
But I’ll help you in choosing the best topic for your new blog. You Must have following things before Starting a Blog:
  • Ability to do work hard.
  • Never loss you’re confident while working online.
  • Have High-Speed Internet Connection.
  • You must have own interest for doing online work.
  • Your English should be Strong and Perfect.
  • You Must have your Personal Computer or Laptop.
  • Some Basic knowledge about HTML and PHP. (I’ll teach in this Article)
  • Basic Knowledge about Domain and Hosting.


I hope you are ready to know how to find Topics.
You can do blogging on these following Topics because they are Top on Google and some are Evergreen.  List of Interesting Blog Topics are given below:
  1. Write How to Guide
  2. Makes Lists (Top 10,, 50 Best etc )
  3. Working on NEWS.
  4. Write Case Study
  5. Write Quotes or Funny Messages
  6. Write about Blogging and SEO,
  7. Working on Celebrities.
  8. Work on Movies
  9.  Work on Softwares
  10. Give Free Things ( Themes, Softwares, Pics, etc make Multi-Website).

How to Find a Profitable Niche for Starting Blogging:

In this Video I Explained Step by Step Process to Find Best Topic and Trending Topic for New Website Articles and YouTube Videos, You can check it if you understand Urdu/Hindi Language.


how do blogs work to make money? and how to start a blog for free and make money online?

This question is asked too many times to me and searched on google. So let’s talk about it. I gave you some blog topics above and now I’m going to tell how they are evergreen and how to write blog posts that look professional and get rank fast.

First of all, choose your Niche to make website or blog.


Wait here, I forgot to tell about those websites that used for Blogging!!  As we have seen Some websites are end with .com, .org, .co.uk etc eg: Google.com, Wikipedia.org..

These Sites are paid, like I’m using Nisarhussain.com. I also pay yearly for this domain and hosting But if you don’t know about Domain and Hosting then please Read it first before making a Website..

You are Looking for a free website to do blogging so I have also a list of those sites where we can do blogging FREE.

Most popular blog sites, and a list of free blog sites are given below:

  • Blogger.Com
  • Wix.Com
  • Weebly.Com
  • Tumblr.com
  • WordPress.Com
  • Medium.Com
  • Squarespace.Com
By using these Websites You can make your own blog FREE and start doing blogging today!
Let me Explain You About Blogger. It is free and easy to use for newbies…
Blogger Training
Blogger is the Perfect Place for doing Blogging and Earn Some Extra Money From Home Online.
It was created by Pyra Labs in 1999, and it is a product of Google. Blogger is used to creating a blog (sites) Free and also Paid. If you are using Custom Domain like mine you can create a Professional website. Blogger is self-Hosted service for People who want to create the website.


By using Blogger you can create the website and their URL will be Example.blogspot.com because it is free. Blogger doesn’t need Hosting, It is hosted by own self.
You If having 30 to 60$ to create a professional website then just Buy a Hosting and Custom Domain from best Sellers and Attach it to the blogger or WordPress..
I recommend you to use WordPress to create a website because it enables it to create a website with a lot of new Themes Designs and Beautiful for Readers..
Make sure to choose SEO Optimized and Responsive Themes for WordPress for your New or Old website. If you don’t know where to download WordPress Themes then check this article.

Now Let’s come to our Blogging Topic.

As I gave you some topics, Choose any one for your blog. This Time I’m taking How to Guide Topic.


How to do blogging on “How to” Topic and How to Write Content For it?

Content Writing

Always Remember that Choose topic related to your interest.

Okay My interest in Teaching Blogging and SEO. so choose this topic for me you choose your own for doing blogging.

after make your own blog with custom domain, Make some Changes in it for Better Result and Higher Ranking.

Change Theme to Premium Version and Customized it professionally, You can buy service of Fiverr for this purpose.

Then Change Permalink to “Post Name” for the better result. You have to create and submit Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool for Indexing your sites and article in the google search.

How to do that? Just Read This Step-by-Step Article for it.

After that you are ready to start your own blog.

After Doing everything you have to write Articles for it.. Make sure to write Long Articles between 500 Words to 2500 Words. According to new SEO Factors, Google Loves that Blogger who has Unique, Longs and Better Content then others.

So Start Writing Content and Publish it to Your Website. Congrats Now you are doing Blogging..

You don’t say A professional blogger until you don’t earn 10k$ From Your Own Blogger by doing hard work you can achieve this target…

I Hope you like this Article, Make sure to share and Comment. if you want to give me a link with your Website then I’ll be really happy about this…

Article by: Nisar Hussain
Publisher: Nisar Hussain
The first step?
Leave a comment to let me know Which Topic your are going to do Blogging?

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