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My Earnings with CPA till December 2018 + Secret to Promote

Get your lazy butts working instead of searching for exploits/methods.

I am not going to give her a speech or even a hint of what/how I work on CPA other than the telling you that I do YouTube.

I will only show my earnings and tell how much I worked for it so you can get a rough idea how much you will need to work.

You can get a lot of useful information for CPA if you search for it, even if give something useful it will be nothing new like most of the guides all over the internet. Every other detail is learned by testing and applying which anyone will refuse to tell you.

Sure go ahead keep searching for them exploits , that line is for those people who are waiting for others to create a thread with a exploit/method. If you want to work on finding and exploiting something and earn quite a lot from it then good. here are few cpa networks that pay daily

How to Promote Offers by Advertising?

Udimi - Promote CPA offers with 100% Leads & sales

Payment proofs:









9th payment






11th December 2018
The stats have been updated and until updated next time you can assume I earn the same amounts every day

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Udimi - Promote CPA offers with 100% Leads & sales

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