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Edit Mobile View of WordPress Site (AMP)

If you want to change the design of WordPress mobile view for making it more beautiful & Attractive for Users and  Search Engines then must Read this full Guide.

You’ve seen a lot of websites which use one web design for desktop and Different for Mobile Devices.

why they do that?

So, here is a single line answer for this question is that Internet Users really like something which looks creative & Beautiful. As we use Reddit,

It is a social media like Facebook and Twitter, but it has a much great design for phone view then desktop design.

Before we start,

You should learn What Is Blogging For Beginners 2019 It helps to increase your knowledge and I Explain Small SEO Tips in that article. So Read it now.

Here are some points which can help you before customizing your website design (We have Explained all of these):

  1. You must know little bit PHP & HTML Coding for doing Advance level of customization.
  2. You must use Premium WordPress Theme on your website.
  3. You must have High-Speed Web-Hosting for this. (Get Domain in just 0.88$ Check our Sidebar)
  4. You should Speed up wordpress site loading & decrease page load time.
  5. At last, You must know How to Use WordPress Dashboard. 😛

Here I’m going to Explain these 5 Points.

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#1: Learn PHP & HTML for WordPress Designing:

It is right to say that we don’t need to do Coding via CMS, AJAX, PHP etc in WordPress.


If you wanna make your simple site to an Advance level website that looks professional then you have to do Coding.

Or You can Hire Web Developer & Designer from any freelancing website.

No one like Old fashion, same here no one go to those websites which have old design & B-Grade Theme.

Guys, for Changing your wordpress mobile design, you don’t need to do any coding. we’ll do it via plugins so don’t worry!

If you would like to do Professional Work then must Hire someone and say him to do it for you

#2: How to find Premium WordPress Themes:

This is a big issue for a lot of webmaster’s do, They don’t use Premium WordPress Themes on their site.

By using pro versions of wordpress themes, you’ll get a lot of awesome features, designed, plugins and much more, and all things for just under 60$.


No matter what your website is all about.

If your site niche (topic) is about selling mobile phones then you can find tons of Premium version themes which you can buy and use it on your site with amazing their support.

Let we Explain little-bit more that How & Where to Buy these type of best designs themes.

  1. Step: Go to ThemeForest.net (World’s #1 Premium Theme selling Market)
  2. Step: Search Theme which you are looking. (Like Smartphones, Coupons, Deals, News, etc) There are over  1.5 Million Themes for every category.
  3. Step: When we find any theme which you would like to use on your own website then don’t waste time, just hit the buy button. You can also check the preview of that pro templates before buying.

Here is a Step-BY-Step Video on How to Buy and Install Premium WordPress Themes.


#3: WordPress Fastest Web Hosting 2019:

No doubt that Hosting Speed is a factor of Ranking. It is a big part of SEO factors 2019.

Everyone knows that Web-Hosting & Domain is Pre-Condition for making a website.

If you are using local servers then you’ll get a lot of issues while running your website is future. I start my website from one of the Pakistani Local Web Hosting.

I use it for 1 year and I got a lot of problems in speed, issues in SEO and backup and much more.

Then I moved to GoDaddy & Then on BlueHost, If you are a beginner and you don’t have any Experience in Blogging then I personally recommend you to get start your website with NameCheap.com Because It is really Cheap then all others.

If you have less budget for buying Best Hosting.

I’m giving you special and cheap hosting of Namecheap from below. It is upto 40% OFF in Hosting.

Get Web-Hosting from NameCheap 40% OFF

If you have good budget and want to start professionally then I’ll Recommend to go with BlueHost.

BlueHost.com is the world’s #1 best performance hosting. If you are buying hosting, It’ll give you FREE Domain name with SSL.

You don’t need to invest more money for getting domain name. It’s FREE here. 😉

You can check the Plans and Buy them with Discount.

BlueHost Hosting Plans

You can Also try Free Web Hostings, Read the article below: Best Free Hosting With SSL for Lifetime

#4: Speed up WordPress Site Loading in WordPress:

how to make website faster

Speed is a ranking factor for a website. Mobile Look/design takes too much time to load in phone devices.


If your site has a great look with well optimized designed, then it is must to have the fast speed of opening your wordpress site.

It is possible with a lot of methods.

We can do this via Plugins, PHP coding, Compressing Pictures, and also by upgrading your Hosting to best servers.

Here is an Easy way to increase your site speed is:

You should install a plugin which is known as EWWW Image Optimize

It is one of the most famous Free plugins in the wordpress directory. But I would recommend you to buy its Premium Version.

It is also available in Free version but it compresses images at just 30% but If you are spending few bucks for Activating PRO Features then

This plugin will automatically Compress All Pictures (All Old to New) at just one click.

Also, It compresses your Website media and Emoji and other things Automatically.

If you are really want to do blogging as professional then Get Premium Version of Image Optimizer below:

Download Premium EWWW Image Optimizer

Learn How to speed up web page loading time in WordPress


let’s start to customizing Theme of wordpress.

There are two ways to Edit Mobile View of WordPress Site.

#1: Customize the Mobile view in Responsive Themes!

#2: Change it by using AMP!

Here is on you that How will you do it.

I’ll suggest the first method because it is best and easy to do.  BUT

It isn’t possible for every theme! I mean that Maybe You’re not able to do this, then you should do it via WordPress Best AMP Plugin.

Let we start the first way.


This is a very easy and my favorite way to change the design of the wordpress site.


It is only possible if your theme is providing Mobile Feature. As I’m using Newspaper, In it I can change LOGO, Fonts, Design, Slider, Sidebar for just Mobile Users.

and I can also make a different view for Tablet users.

just check your theme setting. If it allows Mobile customization then Just do it.

Or if you’re not able to find or change then Hire web designer freelance website that can do it for you.

You can pay him after the work complete. try Fiverr for cheap service & UpWork for Awesome Result.

#2: How to Enable AMP in WordPress:

It is easy to explain about AMP. It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. 

This is a plugin and way to make our website Faster for Mobile.

It is the best way to change the view of wordpress site for mobile traffic, by AMP we can customize & every theme/site design with just simple trick.

You need a Plugin for doing this. Download AMP plugin. After installing this, you need to do this setting in AMP Plugin.

After doing all set you have to Redirect All mobile users to your /amp URL.

It is also easy, just Install this free Plugin name: Best Mobile Redirect Plugin for WordPress

A simple mobile redirect plugin for those who use a separate website URL for their mobile content. Simply put in the full path URL and you are ready to send users to your mobile-only content.

Download Free this plugin from the upper link and Activate this & change its setting as I did below in the screenshot.

how to Mobile Redirect

After doing the same setting which is showing in the per picture. You’ll save it.

Your all mobile traffic will automatically redirect to your yourdomain.com/amp page which is perfectly designed for Mobile.

AMP Pages are too fast while loading and It has great value in SEO while a ranking website with mobile users.

There are 3 FREE Mobile Designs & a lot of awesome Paid ready designs for Pthe premium version.

If your business is best then I’ll suggest Your to get PRO Version of AMP Plugins, it will rank your site and increase the authority of your website.


Let me know if your got any problem while customizing Design of your website. I’ll make a Step-BY-Step article for design amp version with our own wish.

And MUST SHARE this article from sidebar buttons & Tell others about this Guide. 

Hope it help you for improving your SEO and Ranking.

A small article written and published by Nisar Hussain Laghari!

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