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Get Unlimited Traffic Free

Get Unlimited Free Real Traffic on Your Blog (Guaranteed)

This is one of the big problems of the new bloggers that they are not getting organic traffic to their websites.

Hello, I’m Nisar Hussain and today I’m going to share with You Some of my personal strategies which I use on my new websites for getting Initial Traffic for Ranking Fast.

First of all, you should know why do you want web traffic,

I mean that you need traffic for Affiliate Link for generating sales or Do you need traffic for Adsense Approval.

What is the difference between traffic?

Friends, There is not too much difference but if you have targeted traffic on specific niche then you can do affiliate marketing for making sales.

You need a good premium or free Web Hosting that can handle hundreds of traffic each day, here are 6 free and some premium hostings.

for that check: Top Free Web Hostings for Lifetime with Cpanel with SSL

Today, I’m sharing my method by from using social media to drive website traffic.

If you want to make a successful blog at Google, then You need to use Some Online Tools for monitoring your web pages & content.

Here is a recommended article for you: The Best SEO Tools for Beginners (2019 List)

How Social Media can help your Business:social media images sizes

Guyz, Social media is going to increase day-by-day. There are over 32 Million people use Social Media networks DAILY.

As we know, every single person uses Facebook and Twitter.

Mostly Tier 1 Countries people use Another top most socials like Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and Whatsapp.


why Are Social media so popular?

This is why, that most people make fun, communicate with others and make them friends on the internet.

They share their selfies, videos, status, quotes, pictures, snaps and much more on social.

As we know,

Facebook is one of the most famous and fast-growing networks. that is why, because publically we can add the unknown person and see his/her pictures and status.

As I shared before that How to get unlimited traffic for free in Million (Free/Paid),

In this article, I told 5 Advance way in that article by which you can get targeted traffic

and if you are doing affiliate marketing or selling something like:

If You are earning by referring on Online websites e.g. BlueHost, SiteGround then must read that article.

Okay now let’s go to our topic, That why should I use social media for my business.

Friends, by Social Sites you can make accounts with your Company name or with your business name especially on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

These are the top networks of the modern days.

People use social media for shopping new items by people reviews and products pictures.

No matter what is your business!

If your business is repairing or selling T-shirts or etc. You can make the social account with your service and post about your business with daily offers and daily customers reviews.

People will order you via them and you will be popular in offline as well as the online field.


How to drive traffic from Social Media easily?

how to write content analysis

The First Step for driving Million of traffic to your website or Blog Post is” Your Content Topic and How it is written“.


Suppose, If you are using Facebook & you saw a status posted by someone in the public group that “NASA found a new Planet and that has Oxygen and Human can Live on it READ MORE

Now, anyone who read that will think about can we really live on another world?

for that, He/She will read the remaining part of that articles from that posted Read More Link and that is the way to gain traffic from social.

You have to be unique and write on trending topics for getting the maximum number of visitors each day.

Just write on current affairs and write something that people want to read, content should be spicy 😉

No matter what is your website topic,

Just Follow some of my steps to getting the latest trending topics  Ideas for writing a blog post.

Go to Google Trend and click on you targeted country (If you want traffic from worldwide then leave as it is), and then search related your Blog category.

How to use Google trend properly

Now you will see a lot of trending topics, just write articles on it and get traffic from social!

but wait,

How to get and where we can get free traffic?

This question is common, because if you wrote an article and published on site. Now what!

Today, As I promised that I’ll share my traffic source for new websites. 😀

Just use to follow my steps properly.

Please Never ask the following questions after reading this article because I cleared everything which is Important:

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Get Unlimited Traffic to website

There are a lot of ways to get a lot of traffic to your website or affiliate link.

One of my favorite and 100% Working method to get traffic is SOLO ADS.

SoloAds are those advertisements which people do via email marketing. Solo ads seller charge from you for adding your affiliate link in there emails which they send to 60 Million REAL BUYERS.

Suppose you’re selling an online course which pays you 50$ per sale.

By the Solo ads, You have to invest between 400-1000$ for getting solo ads and the dealer which give your affiliate link to there customers that are interested in that course.

You can make the free account on one of the trusted SOLO ADS provider company. It also give you free account, but join from here, You’ll get 5$ gift from my credit.

Join for FREE

How to get account, Just go which the upper button and fill registry form and 5$ BONUS for advertising your Content.

You can see live Earning Proof from this SOLO ADS company by Affiliate Marketing by ClickBank.

Now let’s come to freeways to drive traffic.

My method is to drive traffic from 3 social media’s:


Now the question is how to drive huge traffic from Pinterest to your blog?

here is the deal,

If you are article have images then you PIN them to Pinterest for getting traffic.

It is easy and simple just make an account on Pinterest and upload your images of the article there.


Get Traffic from FACEBOOK& Twitter:

Facebook Best Icon

Facebook ranks for #1 on the list of Social Media, and It gets more than 10 Million visitors in one day and Twitter Ranks for 2nd now day.


can we really get users from Facebook to our web article?

The answer is YES. Facebook/Twitter is the online community as Quora but it is little bit Advance.

The process of getting traffic to your blog is mentioned below:

  • Join Facebook/Twitter and Fill out your profile completely.
  • In Facebook, Join Groups related to your Niche (As I will join Blogging, SEO related Groups)
  • Write Spicy/Good Article on Trending Topic (How to Find Trending Topics)
  • Add the article link with a catchy description in All Facebook groups and Twitter account with Some Hash Tages.
  • DONE!

Guyz Listen, If you are following my steps then you can get 100 to 10000 per day traffic easily.

Even I’m also getting traffic from facebook via submitting my daily articles to those groups where people are interested in it.

When I submit, they click on the link for reading more because They want, which I’m providing.

It is simple and 100000000% WORKING.

What are the benefits of Social Traffic?

It Helps to grow your trust flow fast.

It helps to Increase the Domain/Page Authority (if your website loading speed is fast.)

It will increase the chance to get more backlinks.

It helps you to rank your all articles.

and Much! <3

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