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3 Minutes App traffic, get targeted traffic

3​ ​Minutes​ ​App​ ​Traffic​ ​-​ Make ​$273​ ​a​ ​Day (Step-by-Step Guide)

Mobile App is the Future and Will be the Main Traffic Source in a few years. If you know how to get traffic using 3 minutes free mobile apps, then you will lead the market.

Even Now, Using 3 Minutes free mobile apps, many marketers are making $500+/day easily passively by promoting their/others offers.

And You can also collect valuable targeted emails/lead collection through this process as you leverage the benefit for the lifetime.

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Mobile app industry is on fire at the moment and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

Anyone who use smartphones, also use mobile apps. And this is where another opportunity arises for us, internet marketers.

A friend of ours, a very clever marketer, had a great success in promoting affiliate offers (Clickbank, Warriorplus, JVZoo (Recommended),  CPA ) using this exact method.

ClickBank Earning Proof

On average it’s like $273.13 a Day. All on complete autopilot. Set and forget income.

Not bad for just a couple of free apps.

It is just like AutoBlogging. 🙂 If you don’t know what is it then read this one: What Is Auto Blogging – How To Earn Money From Auto Blogging

You don’t need Facebook Email List Generator for any advertisements or anything else.

Imagine outsourcing this and scaling up to $ 500/day?

While we have been using this for our AdSense sites and recently started collecting the huge amount of email addresses of people who are interested in many different very profitable niches.

Before you close this PDF thinking: “Naah, This is not for me. I don’t have any clue how to create an app! ”.

Guess what? You don’t have to!

We will show you how you can do that in just 3 minutes and for completely free!

No coding. Nothing. Just click, point, click.

Jeez, we can’t stress enough how easy and quick actually it is

Mobile traffic is growing at an unprecedented rate. It would be simply unwise to overlook it and leave it just like that.

Google Play is now like YouTube 6 years ago. Some people even call it the new Google.

Smartphone users are actively seeking for the solution app using the search box on Google Play.

Search bar google play

The traffic is simply HUGE!

But the best part for us marketers is that there are still less to zero competition even in the most competitive niches.

If your blog (app) provides value – people will download it, use it and click on your affiliate links.

What kind of apps are we going to build?

Mainly an informational type of apps.

The idea of your app is to provide a small portion of high-quality content and then direct app users either to enter their email address or redirect them directly to the JVZOO and CPA affiliate offer to learn more in details about the topic.

Basically, we will use an app like a bait.

In this report, I will walk you through step by step on:

  • How to do a quick keyword research (competitive analysis) for your app
  • What kind of blog to use for your mobile app
  • How to create an app for your blog in just 3 minutes for free (no coding required)
  • How to upload your app on Google Play Store for free traffic. So, if you are ready, let’s dive in.

How to do a quick keyword research

As with everything online – mobile apps is a numbers game.

Meaning, the more apps you have – the more traffic you will receive to your offers.

Basically, when you are doing keyword research for your Clickbank/CPA affiliate blog or lead gen blog, you want to come up with at least 10-15 keyword ideas for your apps.

Let’s say your niche is weight loss/fitness.

Here’s what we like to do.

Go to PlayStore and in the search box type something like:

Weight loss

googleplay weight loss

Boom! Just like the Google search, Google Play will display suggested search queries.

What does that mean?

Basically, these are the most searched keyword phrases by Google Play users. You can instantly see what kind of apps Google Play users are searching for the most in your chosen niche.

Let’s try another one…

‘Diet plan’

diet plan playstore

Google Play search is also a brilliant way to come up with the app ideas if you are still not sure what products to promote.

TIP: You can type something like ‘ how to s ’ and it will complete the search query automatically for you.

Google Special Long Tail Keywords

So you can go through all of the letters, such as:

  • how to q
  • how to w
  • how to e
  • how to r
  • …….

and gather an insane amount of ideas on what kind of apps are in demand right now.

By the way, most of the time highly searched keywords on Google search will be also very popular on Google Play.

So, you can simply use the Google Keyword Planner Tool as well to come up with long tail keywords for your mobile apps.

How to do a quick competitive analysis

OK. Let’s continue with the weight loss niche.

I know that many people who want to get in shape search for “how to lose 20 pounds ”.

Let’s type this in brackets for the exact title search in Google Play Store:

how to lose 20 pound

So, there are lots of app with “how to lose 20 pounds ” keyword in the title!

Not bad.

Let’s click how much installs they are getting-

loss weight without dieting

105,496 installs!

Not bad for such a narrow keyword. There are general weight loss apps with around 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 installs.

How about we check ‘how to lose weight in 1 week’?

loss weight in one week

Again lots of apps and none of them are optimized for that keyword.

Knowing that we can go to http://www.google.com and type the same keyword to get some more ideas:

google keywords


I’m sure these keywords are also being searched on Google Play Store.

Now we can copy them and use for our JVZOO or CPA affiliate blog apps.

What kind of blog to use for your mobile app?

In this part of the report I will overview three type of blogs that you can use for your mobile app:

  1. Clickbank/CPA affiliate blog
  2. Leadgen blog for Lead Collection
  3. AdSense blog

If you don’t have good pageviews then try my secret formula for Get Unlimited Free Real Traffic On Your Blog. It is free and working friends.

Clickbank/CPA affiliate blog

One thing you should remember is that you always want to choose a very clean, vertical type of theme for your mobile blogs. Most of the smartphone users browse their phones holding them vertically.

Here’s an example of a Clickbank/CPA affiliate blog:

Where we should place ads

You must have a blog for this. Get Paid or Get free web hosting for lifetime and make a blog.

if you don’t know about how to start then read this article: What Is Blogging For Beginners: How To Start Blog Complete Guide

Here’s another example (mobile optimized page using jQuery):

Best place for advertisement in mobile

You get the idea.

And don’t worry, you don’t need to have an original content for your mobile app.

You can easily use high-quality PLR articles.

Remember, Google doesn’t rank Mobile Apps in their search engine.

So, it doesn’t matter if you use nonoriginal, duplicated or not SEO optimized content.

This kind of nice looking mobile optimized pages can be build using http://demos.jquerymobile.com/1.4.0/pages/

Your lead gen blog’s main priority should be to capture an email of your app user.

You can use a blog structure similar to this:


This is a very sneaky way to build a HUGE, laser targeted email list in super competitive niches for completely free.

The first thing your app users see when they open up your app is an opt-in page.

But you pre-frame your opt-in page as a registration/login form.

So, in order to start using your mobile app, they need to register/login first.

This is nothing new and it’s completely acceptable.

Most service/tool/widget type of apps on Google Play use this strategy and it works like wonders.

You can also try using the same email collection strategy for your informational type of apps.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to build your email list using this one tactic alone


Let’s review another type of blog you can use for your Mobile app.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, we also use mobile apps to get traffic to our makeup video tutorial blog, which is monetized with AdSense ads.

Here’s the structure we use for our Adsense apps:

where we should place adsense ads

As you see from the image above, all of the content is centered and more of a vertical shape.

Ads are placed above the fold so that anyone could instantly see them when they open up the app.

Simple and clean. No fancy stuff.

It’s one of many WordPress themes that you can find over Appearance > Themes in your WordPress dashboard.

How to create an app for your blog/webpage/website

Step 1. Visit http://appsgeyser.com/ and click on CREATE NOW.

Read this Article for More Steps to make an app for FREE: How to Convert website into Android App Online Free without Coding 

after that,

How to upload your app on Google Play Store

First, we need to create an Android Developer Account.

Go to https://play.google.com/apps/publish/

In order to open up the account and publish an unlimited amount of apps, Google will ask you for a one-time payment of $ 25.

This is your ONLY expenses, but if you will take action, it will come back to you rather quickly

Watch this video for better understanding:


Remember, the biggest piece of the pie (money) always goes to those who think outside the box.

Be different. Be creative. Be unique

Try various different angles and niches using this traffic source

See the Niche ‘ Make Money Online’ has also huge traffic and you can easily get

  • Traffic on Make Money Offers
  • Build a Huge targeted LIST
  • Can get Direct SALES

Just be creative and use your idea

There is so much free traffic available on Google Play, my head is spinning when I think about it.

And there are much more ideas that you can use to make a killing using mobile apps.

If You take action massively, it’s a simple formula to make hard cash online. Just give a solid TRY

N.B: Creating the Web page for making 3 Minutes App is not a problem. Just type and get an idea from Google and articles and make a webpage, If you are the starter, you can start a free Blogger Blog or free WordPress first. When There is no option, You have to create an Option.

You can create and upload as many apps as you want for just one blog.

Take advantage of this.

Good luck!

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