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How to Find/Target Long Tail Keywords for Increase Traffic of our Website Latest Way 2017

 How to Find/Target Long Tail Keywords for Increase Traffic to your Website 

how to target Long Tail Keywords for Generate Traffic

First of All As much as I Love the “Google” for Searching Long Tail Keywords 🙂

 It gives the Exact same keywords to everyone that uses it (including your competitors) 

Don’t Worry about getting 1st page Rank on Google because today You will Learn a Most Important Method for finding Long Tail Keywords.

So Let’s Dive Right in with Technique Number 1:

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Searches Related to…

Did you ever notice that when you search something on Google and when you scroll to the bottom of Google’s search results there’s a section called, “Searches related to…”?

It Looks like this

how to target Long Tail Keywords for Generate Traffic

well it’s the Golden Area for getting the High Searchable Long Tail keywords.


Just type in any keyword that you want to get long tail keywords;

how to target Long Tail Keywords for Generate Traffic

Scroll to the bottom of the page of Google and take a look at the “Searches related to…” for that keyword

it all are the Long tail keyword which you should target. because they’re very long tail and have less competition then body or head keywords. for achieving 1st page Rank on Google Easily.

Use Soovle.com to Find Long Tail Keywords Easily
how to target Long Tail Keywords in Soovle.com

soovle.com is an easy use and free tool to find out Long tail keywords in the suggestions results from top websites like “Amazon”, “Wikipedia”, “Ask.com”, “Bing”,”Google Suggest” and the “YouTube”.
First Go to the Soovle.com and type your Topic Keyword in the search box and hit Soovle.

create backlinks to our website from Soovle.com

 for Example :

SEO all techniques 2017

You can Download CSV file of Your Results by Click on Download Button

latest free tool to find long tail keywords

It is the Great tool to find out the Keywords from that your Competition probably Overlooks.

 UberSuggest Google Suggest Scraper (FREE) 

It is a Great tool ever to find out not only Keywords but also find more thing like CPC of the keyword and monthly searches of that keyword.

How to Rank on 1st page of Google

To use ubersuggest, head to UberSuggest.org and enter your keyword: 

How to Get High CPC keywords

and hit on suggest button

UberSuggest backlinks

keywordTool.io is an the Mind blowing (free) tool that’s PERFECT for generating long tail keyword ideas for any Niche/Topic.
It’s similar to UberSuggest in the sense that it grabs results from Google Suggest.
For example, if you enter “weight loss” into UberSuggest, it will search for “weight loss a”, “weight loss c” etc. KeywordTool.io will search for those same keywords AND search for “a weight loss”, “b weight loss”. That means you get more keywords from the same search.
First, head over to KeywordTool.io and enter a seed keyword into this field:

KeywordTool.io pro 

 and click on search, and wait for a while.

YouTube SEO latest 2017

And you’re done! you got Keywords 🙂

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