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How to Generate Massive Traffic from Google Images?


After reading the title you thought “Oh! same shit”

But actually, it’s a bit different – Google Images

Yes! we always talk about the Good old SEO.

But nobody ever talks about Google Images.

Before Moving Forward, You should also check these articles:

# Keyword Research

at here Personally Use UberSuggest (Free) & SEMrush Tool (Recommended) Join Now & Get 7 days FREE account.

Anything related to images or graphics or emotion.

For ex- Happy birthday wishes, Happy Independence day wishes, etc.

How to find the search volume? — I will show you later.

First, we will find the organic search for “Happy Birthday Wishes” only in USA

How to use Ubersuggest Keyword Finder tool

Now we will go deep and will find the websites ranking for this term in Google Images.

We will select the first website.  143greetings

Only by observing the name of the website, you can say that it is made for generating traffic from “greetings related terms”

SEO related Terms

So this is the website.

This is a quick snippet from the page which is ranking

Website analysis

I will explain these:-

#1 — I am using an ad blocker so, you can not see the ads.

#2 and #6 — Keywords.

#3 — Basic Introduction.

#4 — Image ranking on Google Images.

#5 — Copied content [nobody creates “unique” wishes, you can do the research].

Actually, the whole website is 10 times the images you see above.

Now we will find out the traffic.

First thing first, This website ranked 4 days ago for “Happy Birthday Wishes” under the “All” tab in Google. [It’s ranking at #6]

Now it’s similarweb stats:-

similarweb stats

As you can see the Website is generating traffic from Sep 2018

But it started ranking for the term 4 days ago [ranking at #6]

The website is actually generating around 250k traffic from Dec 2018

Here are the Countries list where this website is Ranking:

SEO Countries Overview

Around 13% of traffic is from the USA.[Now monetize it with content lockers for that use CPAGrip. Join Now]

Traffic source

As you can see ” 3 keywords are the biggest traffic generator for this website. ”

# birthday wishes
# birthday wishes for..
# happy birthday wishes [our keyword]

Now, this is the ranking history for the top keyword.

#birthday wishes

Please Note: You’ve to add Caption & Alt tag into Every Single image.

Here are few FAQS:

Q1: How to rank on google images? what part do we do to rank on image tab?
Ans 1: Just what we do for ranking on google.. . Backlinks

Q2: ow a days is that the image must be unique as per Google AI, and that is when the image starts to rank?
Ans: Yes it should be. A lot of people forget/refuse to optimze images or do not use unique images

Q3: Can we save images pictures from Google & Reuse it?
Ans: Actually, You can make images easily with canva.com They are unique and pretty fast to create And images for these keywords can be created really easily

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