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iPad Mini 4 Official Review With New Amazing New Features

We’ve put the iPad mini 4 through its paces to find out how it compares with its predecessors and bigger sibling for our review.

ipad mini 4 Official review
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Rating : 4/5
Price : RRP: From £419, US$399


Read our iPad mini 4 review to find out what’s new, what’s good and what’s not so-good, and decide whether this is the tablet for you.
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iPad mini 4 review: Price and availability:

The iPad mini 4 is available to buy now from Apple and third-party resellers both online and in stores. While there were originally a number of different options available to consumers, following a recent Apple Store update, there are now only two: 128GB WiFi, and 128GB WiFi + Cellular. There are still a number of colour options available – don’t worry!
Ipad mini 4 review by www.Nisarhussain.com
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The 128GB iPad mini 4 with WiFi will set consumers back £419, giving Apple’s mini iPad a higher entry point than before the recent update (it used to offer a 32GB iPad mini 4 for £379).

The WiFi + Cellular iPad mini 4 will set you back a little bit more at £549, although we’d argue that most people don’t require cellular connectivity – and even if you do, a lot of the time it’s easier to tether from an iPhone.
The iPad mini 4 with 128GB of storage is available to buy from the Apple Store right now.
While the 128GB iPad mini 4 is the only mini tablet available from Apple, watch out for old iPad mini 4s from the likes of Amazon, Currys, Argos, John Lewis, and eBay.
If you want to compared the iPad mini 4 to the other iPad models on offer, take a look at our iPad buying guide, then check out our best iPad deals to try and find the best price right now.
ipad mini 4 design and build www.Nisarhussain.com
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The iPad mini 4 is essentially a smaller version of the iPad Air 2, both inside and out. It’s certainly a much bigger update than the update between the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 was (Apple simply added the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and a gold colour option but left the design and specs the same), with a new, thinner design and loads of internal improvements.
First, let’s take a look at design and build. It’s a really, really good-looking tablet, still available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey but with a thinner chassis and some new Smart Cover colour options that look fantastic (and you’ll need to get a new Smart Cover even if you’ve already got one for your older iPad mini, because the magnets seem to have been repositioned). Pair that with one of Apple’s new Silicone Cases for the iPad mini 4 for all-round protection.
www.nisarhussain.com/ Apple iPad mini 4 review
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We’ve gone for a Gold model with a Midnight Blue Smart Cover and we think it looks gorgeous, with its premium aluminium finish and smooth rounded edges, plus its now super-slim 6.1mm. That’s 18% thinner than its already thin predecessor.
It is also lighter, at just 299g (or 304g if you opt for the cellular model), so you’ll be able to pop this iPad into a small bag or even a large pocket and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.
So all together, those measurements are 203.2 x 134.8 x 6.1mm, at 299g. That’s compared with the iPad Air 2’s 240 x 169.5 x 6.1mm at 437g, so it’s certainly more portable than it’s bigger sibling, though of course you’ll get less screen estate at 7.9in diagonally compared with the Air 2’s 9.7in.
Aside from that, there’s nothing particularly noticeably different in terms of design between the iPad mini 4 and its predecessors. It has lost its mute/lock rotation slider, just like the iPad Air 2 did, but you can quickly and easily access those settings within the Control Centre panel by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
iPad mini 4 review: Hardware and performance:
ipad mini giá bao nhiêu by www.nisarhussain.com
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aking a closer look at that 7.9in display on the iPad mini 4, you’ll find that it’s the same resolution as the iPad mini 3 and 2, as well as the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air, at 2048 x 1536 pixels. That equates to a 326 pixels per inch pixel density, higher than the Air and Air 2’s 264ppi.


That’s not to say that the iPad mini 4 hasn’t had some screen improvements, though. The resolution may be the same, but there’s a new anti-reflective coating to help with use outside in the sun, and better still Apple has removed the gap between the cover glass and LCD (all part of the slimming process) to make the tablet feel more solid and dramatically improve the contrast.
The result is a crisp, clear screen that offers stunning colours that is ideal for watching videos or playing games. Of course, the bigger screen on the iPad Air 2 is even better for videos, and while both tablets support the new Split Screen feature in iOS 9, there’s no doubt that running two apps side-by-side is a better experience on the bigger screen, but it’s a sacrifice many will be happy to make in exchange for more portability and a bit of a saving when it comes to cash.
ipad mini 4 vs ipad mini 3 by www.nisarhussain.com
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Inside the iPad mini 4 is the Apple-designed A8 chip compared with the A7 from the iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2, which represents a big speed boost (although it’s not quite as fast as the A8X you’ll find in the iPad Air 2). That’s paired with an M8 co-processor that takes on all of the sensors to ease pressure on the A8, helping to keep things running more efficiently.
Our Geekbench 3 processor test found that the iPad mini 4 managed 1719 in the single-core test and 3101 in the multi-core test. That’s compared with the Air 2’s 1816 and 4523 respectively, which reveals that apps requiring more than one processor core should be much faster in the Air, but any that only need a single core should run at almost the same speed.
ipad mini 4 dimension by www.NisarHussain.com
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It’s impressive stuff for an iPad of its size, and in reality you’ll find that the iPad mini 4 is a smooth, speedy machine, even when running two apps at once with Apple’s new multitasking tools.
Graphics power is good, too, although still not as good as the Air 2. The mini 4 managed 37fps and 15fps in the T-Rex and Manhattan GFXBench tests respectively, compared with the 52fps and 25fps achieved by the Air 2.
But it is much faster than the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3, which scored 22fps in T-Rex and 9fps in Manhattan.
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You’ll still find the Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the Home button with the iPad mini 4, but it hasn’t been upgraded to the new, super-fast generation boasted by the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Still, it’s a great feature for added security and convenience, plus Apple Pay.
The iPad mini 4, as mentioned, is now only available in 128GB, despite launching with 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models, along with the option of WiFi-only or WiFi + Cellular if you want mobile connectivity.
That WiFi is 802.11ac, which can theoretically run up to 866Mbps, and there’s Bluetooth 4.2.
When it comes to battery life, the iPad mini 4 achieved a score of 3975 in the GeekBench 3 battery test. You can expect the tablet to last for around 6 hours of active use but if you only use it from time to time that battery life can stretch to days if not weeks.
The battery benchmark score for the iPad mini 4 is actually lower than the iPad mini 3’s score of 4098 and lower than the iPad mini 2’s 3990, and in fact comes in as the iPad with the worst battery life out of all of Apple’s range, but not my a large margin.

iPad mini 4 review: Cameras:
ipad mini 4 camera specs review by www.nisarhussain.com
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We’re becoming slightly more accustomed to the idea of taking photos on a tablet, particularly when it’s an iPad mini, so we know that many people will be pleased to hear that the rear camera has been bumped up from 5Mp to 8Mp, which isn’t bad at all. It has quick auto-focus and good face detection,
You’ll also get Burst mode and Slo-Mo video (120fps at 720p) thanks to the A8 chip. Panoramas can be captured at up to 43Mp and look fantastic.
Video is 1080p at 30fps, and is great quality with accurate colours and sharp details, up until you start trying to shoot in low light, and the same goes for still photos, but for a tablet you’re looking at a good camera that’ll outshine many rivals.
On the front, you’ll find a 1.2Mp camera, which is not so great compared to the 5Mp front facing camera of the iPad Pro 9.7, but it is the same as the one found in the iPad Air 2.
Performance and battery life:

Iphone Battery Review
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I sort of alluded to this earlier, but let’s be clear: The Mini 4 is not just a shrunken-down Air 2. The difference in the chipsets powering these things is apparent in our benchmark tests below, but the Mini 4 is still no slouch compared to its more premium cousin. It’s buttery smooth as you leap in and out of apps and swipe through web pages. The only time I noticed the Mini’s A8 chipset struggling was while running two apps in Split View, and even then, it was only when I was trying to fiddle with both simultaneously. While I’m comparing the Mini 4 to other iPads, it’s noticeably quicker to react than last year’s Mini. In fact, Apple says the A8’s CPU is 30 percent faster than the Mini 3’s A7, and that graphical performance is up 60 percent from last year. That helps explain why Asphalt 8 and Modern Combat 5: Blackout ran like a dream, but I’ll let the numbers do the rest of the talking.

Geekbench 3.0 3,236 4,510 2,470 3,423
Basemark X 17,212 29,518 14,839 TBD
3DMark IS Unlimited 16,291 21,659 14,595 30,970
SunSpider 1.0 (ms) 349 303 439 463
SunSpider: Lower scores are better.
man using using IPAD and IPHONE
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So, pretty much exactly what I expected: The Mini 4 strikes an appropriate balance between the Mini 3 and the Air 2 (which has the edge thanks to an extra CPU core). Usually it performs just a hair better than last year’s iPhones too. Of course, horsepower means nothing without battery power, and the new Mini has that in spades. The usual Apple refrain is that the Mini is rated for about 10 hours of continued use, but that might have been understating things a bit. In our usual video rundown test (video looping with the screen brightness set to 50 percent), the Mini 4 lasted 13 hours and 4 minutes before needing an emergency trip to the power outlet. That’s just short of the 13 hours and 45 minutes on last year’s model, which isn’t bad at all considering the new Mini 4 actually has a smaller, 5,124mAh battery.

The Mini fared similarly well in the battery test called “living with me.” After pulling it off of the charger at around 7 AM, schlepping to the office and using it for emails/reading articles/the occasional game, I’d usually wind up with 10 percent remaining when I returned home at 9 PM.

iPad Mini 4 13:04
iPad Air 2 11:15
iPad Mini 3 13:45
iPad Air 13:45 (LTE)
Apple iPad Mini 12:43 (WiFi)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S (10-inch) 12:30
Microsoft Surface 3 9:11
Galaxy Tab S2 7:30
iPad mini 4 review: Software:
Apole Ipad Mini 4 software review
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As can be expected, the iPad mini 4 runs iOS 9, and is upgradable to iOS 10 with no issues. We won’t go into detail here about the software because we could talk about it for days, but you can find out everything you need to know about iOS 9 by following the links below.

The iPad mini 4 is a great little tablet that comes in at a price that reflects its quality and capabilities. It looks gorgeous, is a breeze to use and leaves little to be desired. It’s a shame that Apple has kept the 16GB model, as we were really hoping that the starter model would be 32GB at £319, but we’d still recommend the £399 64GB model of iPad mini 4 over the 16GB iPad Air 2.

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