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Nisar Hussain / Softwares  / Long Tail Pro with License Key FREE – Nisar Hussain ( Updated Links 2018 )

Long Tail Pro with License Key FREE – Nisar Hussain ( Updated Links 2018 )

Do you want The Best Keyword Research Tool for Long Tail Keywords? 

Absolutely Yes! That’s why You are Here :),  longtail pro is a Paid Software which is used to find keywords. We Used it to find Long tail keywords which help’s us to rank on google faster.
The Problem is It is PAID. Everyone know’s that lot 70% of Internet Users love Free Thing, not Free Verison!
So here I’ll share with you The Long Tail pro keyword tool Premium Version in Free of Cost.
Long Tail Pro Download
Today, I’m going to share with you the long tail pro review and also I’ll explain How to Install Longtail pro Software.
If you have Any Problem while installing long tail pro kc then keep calm and continue reading.
Basically, Long Tail Keyword pro software is the Best Tool in the history of Keyword finding, 
It is paid that’s why a lot of people don’t know about it or they can not buy it.
When you are working on any website or YouTube, You Need to find perfect keyword for your article/Video, and Everyone knows that Google Keyword Planner Tool the pro for used. and most everyone knows how to use it.
the problem is they are over 74 Billion Articles on Google, So we should do something different if we want to rank fast on google.
for this purpose we Rank our website by Long tail keywords, Now there are quite a few methods to find longtail keywords. 
using SEMrush we can find the long tail, high CPC keywords, but LongTailPro can do more than that.

It is a premium tool which charges $47/month, You have seen Every SEO Expert or Bigger Webmaster (Website Owner) used This Software for finding Keywords.

But You don’t know what is the reason behind it, 


long tail pro crack download

The long tail product is an SEO tool is more than just a simple keyword research tool, as it’ has more features as you think. Here are a few of those features which will make you want to try it right away:

  • It Creates multiple projects. (You can have different campaigns for different sites. This will help you stay organized.)
  • Generate long tail keywords according to your Given Keyword.
  • It can Export keywords in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Import keywords into LongTailPro.
  • Find long tail High CPC keywords (Which Help’s to Increase Your Profit).
  • Find available domain names. (If you are creating a micro-niche blog, you can use LongTailPro to suggest available).
  • Check the Google, Yahoo, and Bing ranking for your keywords.
  • Keyword competition checker.
  • Favorite your best keywords.
Now it is time to Watch a Video. It is in Urdu/Hindi Language if you can understand then please Watch it because In the Video I explain 5 Ways to Find Long Tail Keywords.

Download Long Tail Pro Full Version:

Version: 3.1.8
Price: FREE
Animated Download Button

Longtail keyword pro


you can directly use it extract and use directly, Follow the below-mentioned step in case you get the problem.

1: First remove the older version by using Revo uninstaller, make sure delete the leftover 
registries and files by using deep scan option after uninstall.

2: Goto C:UsersYOURPCUSERNAMEAppDataRoaming
At the end of Roaming folder, you will see files like
Delete them also delete the folder of LTP in roaming folder.

3: Now again use my provided LTP and enjoy.

When We Come to Fixing It Problem, There are a lot of different problems arrive in this software. so I will share with You some of them Fixes issue.

Long Tail Pro FIX Issues:

Uninstall Long Tail Pro and Adobe Air
uninstall both Adobe AIR and Long Tail Pro from your computer, then restart your computer.
Reinstall the latest version of Adobe AIR. You can get Adobe AIR right here: 
Note: Please DO NOT delete related files (if you have a third party uninstallation app that prompts to do that for you), as doing so will delete your existing projects.

Remove the file “LongTailPro.swf” from Quarantine
Open the Quarantined and Trusted Items page.
On the Home Page, click Navigation in the upper-right corner.
Under Features, click Quarantined and Trusted Items.
Click Quarantined Items or Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Programs to display the list of quarantined threats.
From the list, select the item LongTailPro.swf from quarantine, and click Restore.
Add the LongTailPro app to the Antivirus Whitelist

 Step 1 – Exclude LongTailPro from being scanned during installation

Before you can installLongTailPro you must disable McAfee real-time scanning so thatLongTailPro is not detected as a false positive during installation.

Launch the McAfee LiveSafe / Total Protection main console.

Click on the “Virus and Spyware Protection” tile to open this menu.

Click once on “Real Time Scanning” to open this menu.

Click on “Turn Off” to temporarily disable McAfee’s real-time scanning protection. We will re-enable it at the end of these steps.

In the next screen select “When I restart my PC” and then click the “Turn Off” button.

Click “Done”.

Now that you have disabled this feature you can now install LongTailPro.

Step 2 – Exclude LongTailPro files and folders from being scanned

After installing LongTailPro you must exclude the LongTailPro files and folders from being scanned again.

Launch the McAfee LiveSafe / Total Protection main console.

Click on the “Virus and Spyware Protection” tile to open this menu.

Click on “Real Time Scanning” to open this menu.

Click on “Excluded Files”.

Click “Turn On” to enable the Excluded Files dialogue.

On Windows 64 bit systems, click “Add file” and browse to C:Program Files (x86)LongTailProLongTailPro.swf

On 32 bit systems, the folder location is “C:Program FilesLongTailProLongTailPro.swf”.

Your Windows assigned drive letter may also be different.

After the file have been added to the Excluded Files list, click “Done” to return to the McAfee main console.

If you don’t see a “Done” button, you can simply exit this menu and go back to the main console after the selected files or the LongTailPro.swf file appears in the list.

Step 3 – Re-enable McAfee real-time scanning

Launch the McAfee LiveSafe / Total Protection main console.

Verify that real-time scanning is turned on, as indicated in the Virus and Spyware Protection tab. If it is still turned off, click on the Virus and Spyware Protection tab to open this menu.

Click on the Real-Time Scanning tab link.

Click the button that says “Turn On”.

Click “Done”.

The above steps will result in the LongTailPro.swf file being added to McAfee’s file exclusion list. 

We recommend rebooting the PC once to ensure that all files have been excluded and that McAfee will not interfere withLongTailPro.

Although we provide this information as a convenience, LongTailPro has no control over an antivirus product’s detection, quarantine or removal process. If our guides are not helpful in your specific case, we recommend contacting your antivirus product support for additional help on creating software exclusions and general product functionality.

Even if you do not receive a notice during or after LongTailPro installation, we strongly recommend immediately excluding LongTailPro from future McAfee scanning to avoid potential interruption of service, and creating a rule for the LongTailPro service in the McAfee firewall if you are using it.

Reinstall Long Tail Pro
Download the latest version of Long Tail Pro from here:
Install Long Tail Pro


Download Long Tail Pro Full Version:

Version: 3.1.8
Price: FREE
Animated Download Button


The cracked version is not made by the author or anyone related to this site. It is collected from elsewhere.

The cracked version of Longtail Pro Platinum is for those who have not any money to buy the original version. Please, if you can afford then purchase the original version.

Hope you like it.

Article by: Nisar Hussain LaghariPublisher: Nisar Hussain Laghari 

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