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Make Money Online Without Adsense | Generate 1000$ by Monetizing Your Site With Best URL Shortener ( The Ultimate Guide )

Are you looking to Monetize your Blog as a source of Profit?

Do you want to make money fast through your website?
Alas! You are there on Right Place 😀
Make Extra Money Online without AdsenseObviously! 

Blog monatization or to Earn Extra Money from the Blog is the main objective of every blogger.
Guys! There are quite few methods to Turn your blog as a source of your income.

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Obviously,  Internet has turned into a cash making machine. As I would like to think, more cash is made by means of web than what individuals and organizations are making physically. This is presently trillions dollars industry.

A large number of organizations are working on the web, a great many individuals all day working on the web and trillions of dollars are spent and earned through the web. Expansion to that, it’s becoming quickly and significantly. So is there any valid reason why you shouldn’t jump into this industry and begin profiting today?

So, Here I’m Going to Teach you How to Make Money from Home without Adsense and Other Ads Network.


I want to say something clearly, First try to Monetize Your your website with Adsense but if it doesn’t work then try this  methods.

Or You can Use Adsense and This Method Together for making money at home.

First of all, We have to know what is Adsense?

Google AdSense is one of the most oldest network which offers Publishing and works at pay per click system. When it comes about legality it speak itself.

Google AdSense is having thousands of customer’s and satisfied publishers because AdSense pays on time.


One of the Biggest and major reason for choosing Google AdSense is that we can easily earn Hugh amount very easily if we doing in right way. 

Therefore for me AdSense should be number one choice from all Others Networks.

It’s paying rates are just about awesome compared to others networks. So Guys that’s the key of Behind it’s Popularity and Success.

that’s why everyone is trying to get approval and running behind them. so they have made approval system very tough Incase if we make minor mistakes you will get Rejected.

Monetize website without adsense

There are some Question ask from me about adsense and some of them are given below:

  • How do you get the money from AdSense?
  • How does an AdSense account work?
  • Do youtube pay you?
  • How do I set up AdSense?
  • How much does adsense pay for youtube views?
  • How can I get Adsense approval?
  • How much money can you make from Adsense?
  • How much traffic do you need to start with Adsense?
  • How much traffic do you need to make money?
  • How do I receive money from Adsense?
  • what is survey money?


So, for that cases I suggest You to Read This Article:
So Viewer’s let’s jump into the Method That How can we make money fast from internet without Using Adsense, and Get rich fast.
In this article I’m going to tell you How to Monetize Website Without Adsense, and we will use Link Shortener Website’s to generate 1000$ Per Month from Your blog.
Basically URL Shortener site’s allow us to make money online free from Our website by shorting Url.
But, Now a day’s We can Monetize Our website from this Link shortener Site.
It is pretty easy to monetize but I’m Sharing with You a Complete Guide with Each Step’s..Watch Make Money Online Without Adsense: Monetize Site with URL Shortener:

Let’s Jump into Methods…
First off all You have a website with Good number of Traffic, but if you don’t have traffic to your website then try to understand you are not able to do internet jobs or online work.
Read This Article:
Then choose any one Link Shortener website for your Blog/website, it depend’s on your trust.  as i like Shorte.st and vivads because they are trusted for me…
I will Suggest You to start Your this journey without any type of future error, for that you have to choose best, high paying, and trusted URL shortener site.
Try them:





Now let’s I should start Method..


shorte.st logo
Start with Shorte.st , for that you have it’s account. if you don’t have JOIN NOWDon’t ask about How to Join Shorte.st because it is to easy, just click in join then put your email and create password. Done!

After join it, You have 2 option to generate Income, First Short URL’s and share them on social media or anywhere for getting more and more traffic to link, how much visitors come to your short url you will get paid.

Website Script of shorte.stBut second and advance method which I’m going to teach today is Monetize your website by URL Shortener sites and generator Automatic Money.
for that Click on “Website Script”.
and then you can see to much options into the script page, but You have to know what of all about.
shorte,st Website script
Link: it is for monetizing all url which are on your on your website. like if your have website about softwares then you don’t need to create each time to do short url again and again. just ON this option it will convert link Automatically..


Domain Selection Type: It is for your domain, if you select Include then It will show ads if some one is opening Article on your website, and in Exclude Option It will not Show ads for your website article’s.  My suggestion for you is Set it on Exclude and put your domain URL in the Domain list option.

Entires: This option is for someone, If open your website, the ads will appear automatic. you share Your website on fb or anywhere, if someone click on url of your site then He have to watch a short advertisement then He can see your website. My suggestion for you is, Always Off this option.
Exits: It is for if someone is leave your website, it click on back option then ad will appear. Always ON this option.

Pop Ads: Every One know’s about Pop-up ads, they irritates us, but they are a good ways to generate Income fast and more. On this Option.

I Hope You understand Every This about it, Now fill it with Your Own Setting and click on Generate Script. then Copy all script and go to Your Website > Theme/template > HTML > and Find this code:


Where you find it paste the script above or this tag. and save.

In All Shortener Site’s, the Generating Script and paste into about of Body tag method are same as you see above.



Vivads is also a Link Shortener website which allow us to make extra money. You can earn from it by also 2 methods,


  • Shorting URL and make money,
  • Full page Script.

As i said before all method are same. but You need Account of it. JOIN NOW if you don’t have.

After That click on Tool then Click on Full page script.
vivads.net website script
Now Here is a Change..
There is no automatic generate Script option.
Be Relax, You can see there are two scripts on this page but You should choose the 2nd one because it is best for long term website or for personal website.
vivads.net full page script guide
Copy this Script, but Wait
Here you can see a RED box in screenshot. what is it?
You have to put Your website url in this box as example.com is shown…
then Copy it and Paste this script as same as we paste above. Go to Your Website > Theme/template > HTML > and Find this code:


and paste above of it.




adf.ly complete guide

Now, Adf.ly is trusted as well as High paying site which i found, but there ads style is old as like Shorte.st .

adf.ly is also a Link Shortener website which allow us to make extra money. You can earn from it by also 2 methods,


  • Shorting URL and make money,
  • Full page Script.



You can also monetize your website from it and make fast money online.But, You need to understand each and every step.

You must have a Account, if you don’t have JOIN NOW.



Then click on Tool and Full page script.

adf.ly full page script guide

after that you will see this The script page.

Copy this second Script but wait,,

You Need to add your website it where i marked in screenshot…

Add your Domain name in the style:



You must add ( ‘ ) symbol into domain..
Here is the screenshot check it.
adf.ly full page script guide
here is some Information about Script:
If you want to use Full Page Script with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive) change the following line:
var adfly_advert = ‘int’;
var adfly_advert = ‘banner’;
To use one of our other domains or one of your custom domains, add the following configuration line:
var adfly_domain = ‘j.gs’;
If you do not want popunders to be displayed to your visitors, change the line to:
var popunder = false;
If wish links to stop outbound page equity, please add the following configuration line:
var adfly_nofollow = true;
In order to disable Easy Link encryption simply add following variable to config:
var easy_raw = true;
If you want to load the AdF.ly page securely (https) just add this configuration line:
var adfly_protocol = ‘https’;
After adding your domain as i said before. copy this script and Go to Your Website > Theme/template > HTML > and Find this code:


and paste above of it.


Now as the Last one which I explain is: 


ouo.io logo
ouo.io is also a Link Shortener website which allow us to make extra money. You can earn from it by also 2 methods, 

  • Shorting Url and Earn
  • Full page script.
So we will talk about Full page script.Click on Tool and Then Click on Full page Script.

Then add your Domain name into script as we before done in all step’s…But,

Add your Domain name in the style:

You must add ( ‘ ) symbol into domain..
ouo.io full page script complete guide


After adding your domain as i said before. copy this script and Go to Your Website > Theme/template > HTML > and Find this code:



and paste above of it.


You can also Use other Link Shortener, I mention it above that Only use Trusted Networks which pay us Really. 

Hope you like it.
The first step?
Leave a comment to let me know which One you’re going to try?
Either way, leave a quick comment below right now, and Feel Free to Share.

Owner and Author of this Website. I belong to a Laghari Family in Karachi city of Pakistan. I want to be an Online Business Owner and Blogger.

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