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7 Most Outstanding Methods to Promote Your Website

promote your site images by www.nisarhussain.comHaving a Website is a Significant in now a day’s market.
Without Traffic it’s not going to turn your business toward success.So in this Article you are going to Learn the best way to promote website online and offline in order to get as much traffic as possible.

because alot of peoples asked to me about ‘how to promote your website for free/Paid’ and also ‘how to promote a website on google’..

So today’s article is for them and for who want to know promotion methods

Never Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

The main Thing to remember is that, when it comes about Drive traffic, You should never put all your eggs in one basket suppose!

If you focus too much on any single methods and it fail’s, you put all your traffic at risk. So It’s always best to use as many promotional methods as possible.

Here we have got our List Of promotional techniques for you.

We are going to the First advance method of promote website Online, we have a Bonus for you, may it will be helpful for you!


Bonus: 12 Things You Have Done Before Applying For AdSense


SEO Search Engine Optimization by www.nisarhussain.com

Many peoples asked to me that what is seo and how it works & How to do SEO.

In the Simple words we can define SEO that.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing your website visibility in search engines results.

Today, Everyone is using Search Engines to search their Queries (Questions). Search Engine Optimization means, if any one search’s a query available on your website search result of your website link should be viewed on first or second page of Google or in other Search Engines.

you can read this from here: what are search engines and how do they work

Google SEO Requires to use techniques to make your website more engines friendly. these includes speeding up your site, censuring  that your site is well organized and easy to navigate, using keywords in your site, sub headings and text.

Through working on Website, SEO optimization can improve the page ranking of your web and drive more traffic to your site.

SEO Blog is not an Easy Task and it takes time to put cover-thing on place. It needs constantly updating as search engines are continually changing the goal.

You can Learn SEO by courses which you can get from Udemy.com

Pro Tip: 

Using Non-Text Content on your webpage, such as images, maps or java-script, includes all text in ALT Tag can best helpful for SEO

Although it is time consuming process but it’s important step toward getting more traffic:





email marketing picture by www.nisarhussain.com

Email Marketing is completely free and very effective way to promote your Site. Basically it is technique to send emails including your web links or your affiliated Links.

There are alot benefits of email marketing, and also you can use tool of email marketing.

As we all know that every body sends emails in our daily life, so you can send emails in attractive way by attaching your website information. Interest person will click on your links and you will get some traffic or sell and earn money with this process.

if you don’t know any thing about email marketing so just try this offer which is given below.

Bonus: 16 Hours of Training | Your Business Grow Up & Running Fast Including Email Maketing training for Earn 5000$/Month Special Classes.  


Soical media marketing strategy by www.nisarhussain.com

Social Media is the best and well-known way to promote your business site. “Facebook“, “Twitter” and “Google Plus” are the best places to promote your blog or website with your friends, and followers.

You can get maximum traffic using social media promotion. Social media sites are very useful for developing relationships with potential customers because you interact them directly.

There are alot of social media advantages like,

If you have a big Facebook page or Hugh fan following at Twitter you can Do Social Media Marketing to Earn Money Online.

Social media is helpful because your post can be promoted inside the community if someone like that you published then they can share it with their own friends and followers and that’s how you will get wider audience and get even more visitors.

Bonus: Social Media Paid jobs and Earn 700$/Week with Facebook and Twitter account.


4.Online Advertisement (PPC Ads) :

Online ppc advertisements by www.nisarhussain.com

Online Advertisements such as pay per Click services offered by Google AdWord, can be valuable source of traffic.

but in this Article i will tell you some cheap rate and best advertising networks You can post advertisement online.

The Advertising provides post your adverts on search engines results on the website of participating publishers this results them to seen by lots of potential customers.

You pay a fixed price for every click of your ads gets in search engines, and your Ultimate goal is to convert that user in order to see a return on investment

With Google AdWords, there is no spending requirement. you can set a budget of a little as 5 dollars ( $ ) for a day or maximum cost of each click.

Your main purpose should be conversion so you get the best RIO Possible.

Simply choose keywords, phrases and search engine will help you to get your ad in front of your target market. whenever someone might be looking on web.

Alot of visitors ask from me how to make online advertisement of our site/business. So i want to say them use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.


i will tell you about those site which used start advertisements of our ads or we can say that the best advertising for small business

There are alot of advertising site online but the most effective with cheaper sites are given below:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Bing and Yahoo Ads
  • Guest Blogging (Be a Sponsor )



guest posting by www.nisarhussain.com

Basically theory of article marketing is that you write an write and them offer it for free to various websites, blogs or magazines etc.

Your article, Of Course, ends with a resource box or a blurb) that short description that promotes you and your website.

The beauty of this website promotion strategy is that if you get articles published on well-known and popular magazines/websites, they can be sitting there and promoting your website for a long time with no effort by your side.

Pro Tip:

Find a website you want to be published on first, and then spend sometime reading the content to know what kind content and material they want. And then Write a article on that particular topic for free with short description of you and your site and get published.  

re-targeting ads by www.nisarhussain.com6:Re-Targeting :

The Question of many people that what is retargeting ads?

Re-Targeting Ads works by placing a tracking cookie on each of your visitors computer’s…

Then when they leave you site, they starting seeing Ads to come back  using this type of Advertisements helps to reach visitors who leave without conversion. which is about 98% of your whole traffic…

And make some retargeting and valuable strategy in getting back those to come back and convert.

You already worked hard to get the peoples but most of them leave. so get them back.

you can create retargeting ads with the sites who provide this service.

Here Re-Targeting Ads Sites for your advertisements:


blog directory image by www,nisarhussain.com

It is another best way to promote your website/blog without spending money.

There are several blog directory submission sites available Online and some of them are free.

You can submit your site on these directories submission to get more traffic.


you don’t need to find those directories because we are here for you 🙂

Read This Article which is given below and add your site in all given directories.


Hope you like it.


Article by: Abdul Samad Leghari
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