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Review SEO That Works 3.0 Free Download | Brian Dean [ Links Updated ]

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SEO That Works 3.0

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Nowadays, All blogger or webmasters want to get Higher Rank on Google.

But There is a Big Problem!

How to Rank? For This Purpose, Google Says some SEO Factors for those want to get Rank.

and the name SEO means Search Engine Optimization…

With the Help of SEO, Anyone can get a Higher rank on google and get more traffic easily..

But a lot of people and web owners don’t understand How to do it properly.

Some of them like Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin, Neil Patel, Brian DeanBruce Clay, etc…

They start trying to rank websites and start doing Experiment on different topics by different methods…

Sometime try different Backlinks, Sometimes Different Content and Keywords Density, etc..

They understand a lot of new things which Google doesn’t Explain these Factors…

According to them while Writing Articles make sure You Content should be unique, Long, Keywords Optimized, Well Defined, Have the Ability to get rank and Real…

And also explain kind of Link which We know as Backlinks.

In the list of SEO Expert, one is Brian Dean.

As we know about Sir Brian Dean, He is an American Marketer and Business Man but Currently, He is Living in Berlin, Germany…

He is Expert in SEO, Online Marketer, and Affiliate Marketing.

He has written a lot of Articles Related to His Knowledge about Ranking Factors and SEO.



Now Currently Sir Brian is working on Backlinko, Quick Sprout, and on YouTube along with Clients…


He is trying to help those people who want to rank on google and want to Increase Website Traffic.

He said that Website Ranking also depends on the website loading speed, If your website opens slowly, Google will never give higher Rank…

So make sure You choose Perfect Hosting For Your Website and if you don’t know about Hosting and Domain Please Read:


I already Said about Brian Dean, He tries to help us to get rank fast for this purpose he Creates a Course which he named: SEO That Works Brian Dean Course.

This Course Help to understand How SEO Work Process from Simple Website and Make them professional…

He Explains Each and Every Step in his first Course of STW… Seo that works is not blackhat.

Who watches that course and start work according to Brian Method, He got Result in one or two months.. here are some proofs…

Website Ranking
Website Ranking
Website Ranking

It was a Golden Course according to my point of view…

After That Sir Brian Dean created SEO That Works 2.0 For More…

and Nowadays He is making SEO That Work’s 3.0 Which has been Released, But some of the classes will be Release soon…

SEO THAT WORKS 3.0 Review:

SEO that works 2.0 review and Seo That Works Course Review are same but some of methods and hints are changed in his new Course 3.0…

STW 3.0 is the best and final course by Brian Dean after that He’ll not make course related to common SEO…

He’ll help by writing articles, His new article is Mobile SEO. In which He explains How to Make your Website for mobile traffic and get more Rank from Google…

You can read all of his articles on his website Brian Dean.

In this New course, He also picks some old topics and makes them quite easy. He explained more ways to do SEO…

Brian also tells Off-page SEO and about Link Building on STW 3.


In his first Module, He just Explained Ranking for 1st Page of Google…


As we also Know About Ranking, Google Prefer old website which has High Domain Authority..

But Which Website has Low Authority under 20 What they do?

Most of SEO Experts say that always Get Backlinks from Your Niche Related Website and Always get Backlinks From High Authority Site.

What’s That?

I’ll Explain You. If Your site is on this topic “South Africa” You should get backlinks from those websites who is also writing about this topic or related to this topic.

If a website wrote a Review on South Africa Best Places to Visit. You can get Backlinks from this because it is related to your Niche.


If You are getting the Backlinks form websites which are writing about Animals or Recipes, It’ll Effect on your Ranking…

Google Prefer High Domain Authority sites to gain links and Rank them fast in the front of others sites.

In Module #1 You Will Learn Some Basics and Google Factors. 

Now It’s time to go to second..


Content Writing Png

It is Second Module of Seo That Works.  and it is Most Important Factors for Ranking…

As I told you before some Experts Strategies to make Content Perfect for Higher Rank..


You’ll learn much more in this module.

According to my Experience, Content is King. If you have your own and unique Content No one can Stop you to gain visitors and Ranking. .

And In this Module Sir Brian Use The Trademark Technique to gain backlinks by making Infography which You’ll Learn in this Article.

Some Techniques Which Sir Brian Told in Course are unique but some you may ever hear or read on another website like MOZ.

This Wonderful Module will make you able to write Content and make some backlinks easily.


According to old SEO Strategies that work, Make Content and send traffic to article It will Rank.
In Modern Generation, This Strategy is used for Just a JOKE.
Because now Google see more SEO Signals before giving rank to websites and Other stuff like Apps.

If your content is good but you don’t put the right keyword in it Your Content will nor be Rank.


If you wrote an article with perfect keywords and good stuff, but you don’t have backlinks or social shares Google Will not rank.

These are 3 and more than 198 factors which Google need to check in an article & Brian Dean Keyword Research Strategies will make you able to Find Perfect Keywords.

But how would We know them(Those 198 Strategies)?

This Question is not new because SEO is not just a word. It has a lot of topics and researchers which is incomplete yet….

In This Module of Brian, You will learn Content Promotional Methods,..

Read This: 


In Seo That works 3.0 Course Brian used “Content Amplification” Method to promote his content.

You will learn all about it in this course.


There are two main Parts of SEO..



And there are a lot of other topic and strategies behind any one of type if We choose On-page SEO.

Off page SEO Strategies

We have to learn too many things for just doing ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION. like Content writing way, ALT tag, H1, H2, Permalink, page speed, loading speed, hosting, design, etc.


When we come to OFF-PAGE SEO it also has a lot of Different Topics and Strategies…

Backlinks are the one of the types of Off-Page SEO. and backlinks further divide into 2 types

  • No-follow
  • Do-Follow

You Will Learn all about Off-Page SEO in the 4TH Module of SEO THAT WORKS…

and also Sir Brian Dean Explain CTR in this module which means Click Through Rate. It Helps to Reach at the First page of Google by Increase CTR.

Sir named this method “CTR Magnet Method” which you will get in the course.


Now Let’s Me talk about SEO that work’s 3 Course…
There are not only these topics which I wrote above, Basically, Sir Brian Explain More things in just 1-minute Video but I can not Explain all thing in one Complete Article..
That’s why He is my Teacher… 🙂
There are a lot of other things which Sir Brian Dean Show live in Course Videos and Done Interview with many Students which are working According to STW 2 and 1.
His Mission is just to show their Results and want to give Motivation. that You can also get Million of Traffic from Google each and every day or week…
Just do Hard work and Start work today, because SEO is not an Easy Thing which everyone can teach…
It takes time to learn and do.
If you’re doing wrong, How you’ll be rank?
That why Sir Brian dean makes a Course which Price is more than 1k$ But First Course was Free for some students,. and so that works price is 900$ to 2000$…
At the end, I want to give you more and Working Link to Download All Module of this Course.
This is only 1 link for Seo that works download and Learns Advance SEO…. 🙂

Password:  Just SHARE Their is Not Pass 😛

SIZE: 5.17 GB
Update: LINK Changed 26/3/18
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let us know if it don’t work!

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