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Top 10 All Time Active Reddit Programming Subreddits (Updated)

As we know that Reddit is a Free social media like Facebook and twitter,  but it is just awesome in my experience.Accoring to Wikipedia:

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other members.

But In my Experience Reddit is a very Hugh place where we can publish our content and get traffic to our website or anywhere.
We can also talk to others people and share funny or any stuff on it…
Reddit was Launched on June 23, 2005 by Steve Huffman, Who is the Found of Reddit..
I’m in love with this person because it allow the webmaster to gain Hugh amount of traffic or visitors to their website from reddit..in Reddit, there are so much categories , like News, Pics, Funny, Aww ( For Animals) Etc..In all of these Categories their are over 68 Million Members and More then 10 Million like, Comment everyday.


It’s mean we can drive High Traffic from it to your site….

Read This:

Today I’m Just Going to Share with you some Subreddits or You can say ‘Categories’ Related to Programming…

So Let Start.



This is the Official and First Sub Reddit by American Person who create This Subreddit for Community purpose like Asking Questions, Share and Solving Problems and Tell New Codes etc…

In this Subreddit Their is over 998,457 Members. and Always More then 3k Online Each Time….

Link For This Subreddit is: r/programing/



This Sub Reddit was put forward 2 years ago in 2016, But Now it is just like a big brand…
Their are over 138,835 people in it…

You can join it from here: r/dailyprogammer/



learnprogramming is also a bigest Subreddti since 3 years, It is to hugh like a Real Programming Society or College.

Lot of People are them and they are mostly friendly talk freely to you as a friend,

Their are over 513,554 Members in it…

Join This Subreddit From here: r/learnprogamming/



Mostly People know about Java, It is also a Programming language like others, and in this Subreddit you can talk much More Thing,

Their are over 85,348 Readers in it….

Join This Subreddit from here: r/java



As like first one, it is also same but Their is also lot of different stuff related to programming languages and their solutions.

In this Subreddit, You can join and talk with others freely like your teachers..

Join Now from here; r/dallyprogrammer/



It is very Hugh Subreddit in the field of Programming, It is to active and best programming subreddit.

Their is over 479,194 Members in it.

Join This Subreddit now from: r/ProgrammarHumor/

Read More:



This is also subreddit related to Question Answer, You can Ask Question in this and lot of progemmer will answer you here..

It is just awesome and their is over: 13,590 Members only but mostly activate.

Join This Subreddit from here:  r/AskProgramming/



This is my favoriate and Bestest Programming help subreddit. You can freely ask gte new codes and solutions in it,

Thier is over 37,795 People in it.

Join It now: r/shittyprogramming/



Coding is the place or subreddit for programmers and it is for advance level who is expert in c++ and other programming languages.

Here you’ll find lot of stuff related coding and c++.

Today Memeber are here: 1,00,000 But Only 1k are always online for replay and help….

Join from here: r/coding/


10) C++ :

As you can understand by subreddit name that what topic it belong to, But Let me explain in 1 line.

This Place is for sharing codes and some extra stuff related to C++. Total members are 12,913 in it.

Join C++ From here: r/Cplusplus/

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